9 Of Our Photographer Friends & The Most Romantic Pic They Have Shot So Far

When it’s valentine’s day what do you do the most? Take pictures and hold a lifetime of memories together and cherish it till eternity and even beyond that. Whilst that being the case, we at Shopzters thought that we should really ask the photographers about their most favourite romantic photos they shot. These pictures stand as a living example to help you all get clicked the same way on this valentine’s day. Pictures that shout out love and embrace the divine feeling of it. 

We were pretty flattered by the pictures and thought that why not let all of you guys witness the same glory that we just did. Scroll on and stay amazed!


A fairy tale kinda love story that sprouted between two souls that were different in aspects with regards to profession and religion and still united with a divine feeling called “true love”. 

"When we first met Akriti and Farhan, we were intrigued by their love story.. how two people of very different backgrounds both career wise and religiously got together regardless of all the taboo they might face. When we spoke to them, we slowly got to know their story.. of the little things that made their love something like those in fairy tales. The way he proposed to her.. the way both their families united to see them tie the knot, all of that seemed like something that happened only in movies, when we saw a couple who are actually living the story of a movie.. we wanted to see in person how their chemistry worked through the lens. It was the best photo session ever. It all flowed seamlessly, the way their bodies connected .. the simple touches and smiles and the eye contacts never felt forced or fake. The smiles being genuine ,you could actually feel the sparks flying and feel the love in the air so much that it felt contagious and we couldn’t stop smiling. And you can see the outcome of all the photos taken in the prints.. they are perfect to eachother and their romance is something we read in books and see in movies .. but it’s all in reality.. So that’s why I say this is the most romantic picture we have taken till date!", says Ajay Ben of ZG Studios.


The love that prevailed between these two is inevitable and completely unadulterated. 


Beneath the setting clouds and from within came the Sun’s magestic glory, their love evolved!


Doing the typical ball room dancing in a very South Indian-y contemporary style is this couple in love. 


For a moment, this picture looks like the spark between the couple is just spreading all over the place, creating such magic. 


The guy who would never miss a chance to make his favourite girl in the world laugh her heart out. 


Just like the Taj Mahal that stands peacefully in the background, the two souls in love too are. Peaceful and peculiar. 


Love is in the air, they say. Breaking that word, it’s love in the rain this couple says. 


This couple here has become one with the sea. The sea that joyously accepts love in bounties.