An Eco-Friendly Wedding!

An Eco-Friendly Wedding!

It's surprisingly great to see people looking out to save the environment these days while there is still a group going hyper on 'electronics and gadgets'. While the contrast is never going to let the groups blend, a wedding however could be the best place that could in itself be an Environmental Boost Campaign on a lighter note. If you are one of those looking out to have a Big Fat Green Wedding, we're happy to help you with details!

First things first, The Invites!


Time to ditch those expensive, shiny-bling, non-eco-friendly invites. Seeded papers are as equally good and pretty too. Handmade and Re-cycled papers are elegant. You can also wrap pretty gift-ribbons around the invites, adds to the classy touch. This way, you're encouraging eco-friendly products starting with the invites for your wedding.

Reception Venue


Since we're aiming at a 'Go Green' wedding, what better than a lawn or outdoor reception party? That way you don't use up as much electricity that would be used at an indoor/AC Reception halls. However, since generally South India experiences pretty hot weather conditions, sticking to an after 6.00pm Reception would be wiser. While we're on this you'd want to make sure you find a venue that also goes with the Wedding Theme.

Wedding Decor


Here's to the best part of loving to put things together and watching your dream wedding on a Reality frame. Flowers are usually the first preference when it comes to 'Wedding Decors'. But it only seems not so Eco-Friendly when we understand wanting to use flowers that are non-seasonal, sprayed colors and imported flowers with pesticides on, which create most damage to the environment. The best options for Eco - Friendly wedding decors would be softly lit candles on beautiful candle stands or going with locally grown healthy flowers that are pretty and in-season. Fairy-Lights and string bulbs are trending the wedding scenes these days. These use up much less electricity compared to heavy-lit stages and spot-lights! Paper Lanterns are elegant and hence, a wise choice too!

Wedding Food Menu


The most important part at a wedding is socializing over food. Since generally South Indian weddings have a mostly vegetarian food menu, it would be much of a hassle. You wouldn't want your guests point out even the slightest comment on the lines of Could've Have Been Better. Well, they wouldn't! Once that see the food menu going organic and most of it being vegan, no one would have time to do 'the talk' over food. If Organic seems a bit expensive 'Vegan' should hold enough options. There can also be one variety of 'Local farm' bred meat, if it's a 'must' on the menu.

Party Favors


Thoughtful Party Favors? Definitely extra points! A sachet of plant seeds would definitely point out the importance of going-green not just at the wedding but to be able to continue that from then on. A better option can also be a neatly packed sapling that the guests can take with them. This way you could also help boost up sales if you're picking these saplings from your local nursery.

And here's wishing you a pleasant Eco-Friendly Wedding and a purpose filled life!