Angkor Wat Inspires A Unique Wedding Mandap Decor!

Angkor Wat Inspires A Unique Wedding Mandap Decor!

For an artist, entire world is a source of endless inspiration. Better the inspiration, better the art. And so when the artist who was commissioned to create a uniquely beautiful mandap for the wedding of Nymisha Reddy (daughter of Ravanth Reddy who is a politician of Telugu Desam Party), he chose to get inspired by nothing less than Angkor Wat, one of the most famous landmark of Cambodia.


Angkor Wat was originally created as a Hindu Temple by Khmer King Suryavarman in the 12th century which gradually transformed into a Buddhist temple towards the end of that century. Breaking from the shaiva tradition of previous kings of building temples for Lord Shiva, Angkor Wat was dedicated instead to Lord Vishnu.


Above is the real Angkor Wat in all its sprawling beauty and below is the mandap where Nymisha exchanged her vows. Isn't it dreamy?


But it is not the facade alone that has been inspired by the temple of unsettling beauty resting amongst the tranquility and wilderness of Cambodia.


Check out the row of columns leading to the mandap that has a distinct appeal. One cannot but observe that there is quite a remarkable similarity to the columns in Angkor Wat. It is quite possible that the artist has tried his best to remain true to the art he meant to pursue.


The columns of the mandap have been intricately designed keeping orange and golden as primary colours. Green adds brightness and cheeriness to the lustre.


Check out the main entrance of Angkor Wat which does not fail to impart its beauty to the entrance of the mandap. While the artist has tried to keep the form intact, improvisations have been done together with detailing in order to make the look more alluring and interesting for the wedding guests.


We wonder what would go through the mind of King Suryavarman, should he get a chance to feast his eyes upon this mandap. Would he wonder where the artist found the inspiration for this humongous flower decor like we did?


Perhaps it is the Lotus Temple of Delhi blooming right in front of our eyes? But since Lotus has always remained as inspiration with writers, poets and artists in equal measure, it would be difficult to say. Perhaps, it doesn't matter. All that matters is how much joy, peace, harmony and tranquility, inspiration provides!

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And it is the same joyous beauty and serenity in life that Shopzters wishes for the wedded couple!

Original Angkorvat Photos of Yadhu Photogrpahy; Decor pictures from the internet!