Attention Smart Phone-Photographers and Fellow Insta-Junkies! Here’s Photographer Sephi Bergerson taking ‘#iPhonePhotography’ To Another Level!

A very recent buzz about this exquisite talent Sephi Bergerson, a Goa based Photographer who shot an entire wedding on his iPhone 6S Plus has totally left the Smart-Phone users really wondering what their phones can do!

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I remember attending a Photography Workshop a couple of years back where a talented Photographer mentioned it's not about the gadgets, it's about how you compose your frame and know what limits your camera can be pushed to. Here's Sephi Bergerson proving that pushing a gadget to its crazy limit is a good thing after all, because who would've guessed this wedding shot on an iPhone would turn out to be the most discussed Wedding Shoot! He's also giving an insight on the Post Processing, you don't want to miss this, fellow Insta-Junkies!

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While it's pretty obvious that the Photographer would have had a tough time, finding a couple that would be ok with their wedding being shot on an iPhone, looks like Ayushi and Abhishek totally took a leap of faith and aren't regretting now!IMG_8598 IMG_8374 IMG_7609

Shooting a whole wedding on the iPhone, as much fun as it sounds, was actually quite a challenge. I was not trying to document everything but rather focus on images that would later translate to the artistic vision that I had for the post processing. Daytime pictures where fantastic, but the night still remained a bit tricky. says Bergerson. He has indeed proved that great things are always a challenge, if you're in for it, hard work does pay off!

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So this is how Bergerson works with Post Processing of his iPhone shots. Bergerson usually starts off with Snapseed where he correct the contrast, color and highlights and adds a vintage filter before moving to Mextures to add scratches and grit. He also does a round of FaceTune for some face-retouching if required. Finally, while exporting on Instagram, he sometimes adds another filter as well.

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And that's how you roll at Big Fat Indian Weddings with not so big fat gears, but still make the event a talk-of-the-town! Shopzters is wishing Sephi Bergerson greater heights in all his ventures and also his next photography book, iKenya. Say Cheers!   Picture Credits : Sephi Bergerson Photography