Beat The Heat - 6 Cool Ideas For Summer Weddings

Beat The Heat - 6 Cool Ideas For Summer Weddings

The most beautiful day in your life is your wedding day, and it should be the most memorable one too. Think of a bright blue sky with cotton wool clouds, masses of fragrant white jasmine and roses all around and brightly clad guests having a good time and singing praises about the beautiful wedding. But, summer can be rather unforgiving and the merriment could very easily turn into an overheated fiasco with wilted flowers and weary guests, not to mention an exasperated bride with smudging makeup.

Here are some great ways to ensure a cool and comfortable wedding:

The best way is to have indoor-outdoor party where you arrange a lush garden area with portable AC units and opulent canopied seating arrangements. It is essential to have an indoor ballroom or hall to provide a secure and cool environment.  There are low noise fans available that also are good options. Provide small hand held fans that can double up as décor items too.

Stylish glasses with iced water and sliced fruits can be cooling, hydrating and attractive as well. I visited a wedding where the fruit colors matched the color of the table cloth and flowers. Small tubes of fresheners and sun screen can be arranged on the individual tables if you have a day wedding as is common in South India.         

Make location the King. Choose a location that has a great ambience, maybe near a water body or the sea to keep things cool! Use bright umbrellas and natural shade areas like trees to set up tables. One wedding I attended in Kovalam had this theme and also had spare sunglasses and hats with the pictures of the bride and groom printed on them.

Don't forget to use the fragrant flowers and make the venue fresh and sweet smelling. You must ensure that the stems are immersed in a few inches of water and there are mist expelling fans available that keep flowers fresh.         


It is a good idea to keep furniture and décor to minimum to keep clutter at a minimum. The extra space makes movement easy and does not crowd your guests. I always take out my lighter fabrics like Chiffon, cottons and handlooms for that airy and cool tone.

Keep food stuff light and fresh. A lot of cool drinks, yoghurt, buttermilk, fruits and coconut water based drinks will keep your guests hydrated. Rich gravies are best avoided. These will keep you cool and guests happy.

Pics Source - Stories by Joseph Radhik, Devika Narain & Pinterest.