Customized Invitations Are The Couple's Favourite Now!

Customized Invitations Are The Couple's Favourite Now!

Invite #1 Newspaper Invite

Newspaper invite for a lovely couple from Vijayawada. The newspaper has a page for the bride and groom's interview (after all, its their invite!), interesting wedding ads, movie poster and also some fun games revolving around the bride and groom. Harini, the bride was receptive to experimenting all the ideas Kards came out with. The newspaper invite was paired up with a semi-transparent envelope to bring out an elegant look.


Invite #2  Interactive Bike Invitation

Have you seen an invite that is interactive and not just a flat card? We made one. Rakesh and Drisya loves to take long rides in their bike. We made this experience last forever through their wedding invite. We also brought in a 2 states theme to the invite such that the bike moves from Kerala to Tamilnadu when the card slides out. Rakesh was very happy with the final invitation. His friends and family loved it. Here is what Rakesh said -

Thanks for materializing the concept just said by words!! It was great to have a creative discussion with you and getting the output which was ahead of the expectations.

YouTube -

Invite #3  Warli Invite

The bride Mahima came to Kards with the only goal of creating a card that is unique and creative. She wanted a card that retained the Indian tradition, yet was modern. We borrowed some ideas from the Indian art form Warli to come up with an invitation card that looked like a palm scripture. Interesting? Oh yeah, this brought the right mix of tradition and creativity that Mahima was looking for.


Invite #4  Menu invitation

The groom was a chef in a star hotel in Andhra Pradesh. How can we not bring this in the invite? The invitation was designed like a menu card with love and romance as ingredients. The groom's brother, Anil got in touch with Kards to design the card. We brainstormed on several ideas including a cutlery card, baking themed card etc. and finally decided on having a Menu in the invitation itself! He was thrilled by the output and loved surprising his brother with a dream invitation. Anil says -


Invite #5  Show who you are

What's better than this really talented couple coming together? The groom, Prakash is a wizard in chess and the bride, Priya is a charismatic violin player. Priya was very enthusiastic in brainstorming ideas and had a clear idea of what she wanted in the card. Their wedding card was designed to show their personality.


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