Cute Little Details That You Can Include In Your Decorations Part - 1

Cute Little Details That You Can Include In Your Decorations Part - 1

Decors as we have spoken earlier involve a lot of art and craft. Anybody who couldn’t keep with that pace, can’t bring things out spontaneously. Decorations have always been an amusing journey and so much fun to even look at. Here are a set of very cute little décor ideas that you could probably pop here and there at your weddings/sangeeth/reception or any other event’s destinations. These ideas a super cute and come in handy when you think of taking up the unique and quirky road.

Much credits to @devika-narain# for coming up with super cute and quirky ways in making the venue bright and beautiful!

HANGING BALLS OF FLOWERS – This one’s a classy idea and can be used to prep up the venue.

A FLORAL UMBRELLA – Why use regular umbrellas when you can use these quirky ones?

LITTLE TOYS HANGING FROM TREES – Reminds us of the typical village side temples, right?

TAMBOURINE – These are fun to play with and are super fun to be used as part of decors.

METAL LOTUSES – Usual lotuses are so much cliché. Use these for a classy look.

FLOWER BASKETS HANGING – Flowers hanging are old school. Now is the time for flower baskets to be existing.

PAPER PINWHEELS – Pinwheels are pinned with so many memories and this one is a sure hit.

PAPER CONES BOLLYWOOD POSTERS – Why no add a bit of bolly or even kolly to your cones?

TASSEL DREAMCATCHERS – Dreamcatchers have become very famous in these couple of years and we sure could use some of them, no?

HANGING TEA CUPS – Appropriate for quirky tea and beach parties.

FIGURINES OF FAVOURITE ANIMALS – Why not add figurines of your favourite animals to be part of your décor?

PINEAPPLES AS VASES – Gone are the days when pineapples were used just for eating. Here’s the time to re-use them!