Dressing Up Your Little Fashionista For Weddings!

Dressing Up Your Little Fashionista For Weddings!

It's the wedding season and your best friend's wedding is just a Sunday away! So, you have colour-coordinated your ensemble, bought yourself that perfect pair of heels, decided on the hairdo, cosmetic and the looks that would make you look gorgeous on the D-day.

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The enthusiastic aunty sitting next to you will complement on how pretty you look and wink mischievously that maybe, she could help you find a perfect groom. You will laugh nervously, thank the insanely inquisitive aunty and tell her that you already have two kids. Her mouth will open in wonder and in order to satiate her curiosity, you will point your fingers at your little darlings running amuck the entire wedding hall like two wild horses on loose. Gasp! The horror of finding your little angel tripping continuously on her lehengas too heavy for her to carry around, and the pricey silk kurti of your charming prince stained with satay sauce because he hates wearing pink! Ummm... wrong scene? Nope, wrong choice of dress.


As much as wedding season means dressing up your little bunnies in their best outfits, some pointers need to be kept in mind before you allow your unbridled zeal to get better of you.


  • 1.Dressing for comfort:

Kids are kids! And the best thing to do is: allow them to be kids. Keep in mind that they need to run around, they need to fight aliens (Yep! In the weddings too... The world needs its soldiers, no matter what!), they need to have fun and be a part of the celebration, they need to be everywhere and know everything all at the same time! That's a lot of work, mothers! So, keep their clothing comfortable. Ditch the heels, get a princess sneakers instead. Make sure the fabric isn't itchy or too tight or too heavy! Make sure the belt isn't too tight. Make sure the pants aren't too long. Make sure the colour of your little girl's dupatta isn't russet if brown makes her miserable! Make sure every outfit including shoes have been tried on in advance and all complaints have been taken care of beforehand so that you wouldn't have to keep shushing when the ladies are discussing jewellery designs.



2. Keep it stylish but practical:

Want to go formal? How about a perfectly fitting three-piece outfit for your young boy? Want a tutu dress for your angel? How about avoiding full-length dresses that could lead to tripping or ripped hems? How about suits and tuxedos or a matching blazer and jacket to make your child feel important? Go with apparels that make it easier for kids to move around and play, without having to manage their dresses. Avoid the gaudy look, keep it classy and elegant. Be selective with colours, too. Can you avoid the stain of paneer korma with blue jacket instead of beige? Go ahead!

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  • 3. Have fun with accessories:

For girls, a bow or cutesy clips for the hairdo can add charm. Sparkly jewellery pieces like lockets or bangles that match the dress add a special touch to the outfit. Lace and frills make them look prettier and adds pizzazz and sophistication. For boys, bowties or ties can easily jazz up the simple look. However, when wedding festivities are supposed to last an entire day, it is better to keep the accessories to minimum, especially when you do not want them to lose it hours before the photo-shoot.

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4. Keep the weather in mind:

It's also important to consider the venue and weather before you choose the outfit for your little ones. Forcing your kids to wear long sleeves on a hot summer afternoon or expecting them to go sleeveless when it's chilly outside isn't a practical decision to take, even if that make them look adorably huggable. For winter weddings, girls will be comfortable wearing dresses with a few sparkling details. Satin sashes, velvet touches and coordinating tights will enhance the look while keeping things simple and comfortable. For boys, dark-coloured trousers, a dark blazer and a necktie or bow tie should give a perfect look. For summer and spring weddings, little boys can wear casuals or suits with khaki pants while the girls can don bright colours, floral prints and lighter materials.

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  • 5. Consider price, think beyond wedding:

When buying clothes, size is always a big concern because kids grow up really fast. Make sure you pick clothing that can be worn a couple of times as you will be spending a lot on it. In case the dress is too long, you can use your sewing kit and stitching skills to fold in the hemlines. Shop around and buy outfits that you love at a price that is reasonable.





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Now that most of the pointers have been taken care of, relax while the next-door aunty eyes your tiny-tot swagger in style instead of obsessing about your horoscopes. Have fun!


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