For A Bride's Perfect Hair Day !

For A Bride's Perfect Hair Day !

The beautiful locks of black luscious hair are considered to be the beauty of women in India. One cannot go wrong with how her hairstyle should be on her wedding day. This gives them mountains of things to be thought through like the health of the hair, hair accessories and so on.


If your hair looks flat then its definitely damaged and not healthy enough. It can take up to six months to bring it back to full condition so you never start too soon. Have a hair trial at least three months before the wedding and if you plan it too far in advance trends could change which in a bride's case is a huge disaster. The best you could book a few trial runs near your big day.


Remember not to remove your trial hairstyle to check whether the hair-do doesn't come out in an hour. Before the trial, wash and dry your hair. This saves a lot of time. Have your makeup and hair trial together so as to gain the full effect of the style. 1381746_553770388100463_845083846622308909_n Use social media and other websites to the maximum to show your hairdresser what you are looking for. Hair accessories are a must when you go out for your hair trial so that you can experiment with them. Photograph your look in different angles and try at least three different hairstyles to give yourself a few choices. Most important of them all, do not compromise on what you want.


Your hairstyle, makeup and dress must all work together.


Decide on a few hairstyles before you choose your hair accessories. There are hair extensions and more to give you a different look you desire on your wedding day.


Think about your wedding dress and try to match its style. The hairstyle should be as elegant or sassy as your dress. Usually us South Indian brides do not choose to colour our hair before our wedding but in case you wish to colour your hair then you should get it done atleast two weeks before your wedding to make sure that any roots are concealed. This is also a perfect time for a trim.


Make sure that all the products that you are going to use on the day of your wedding are your regular products or have been used before because this is not a good time to find out that you are allergic to some of the products.


Do not forget to invite your hairdresser to your wedding! They can keep an eye on your style and be available for any quick fixes that you might need.


Photo Courtesy: Zero Gravity Photography