Glowing Skin Has Always Been Your Dream! Few Things To Help You With That...

Glowing Skin Has Always Been Your Dream! Few Things To Help You With That...

Who doesn't love the kind of skin that make heads turn, heart's melt and all those slo-mo scenes while the worlds gorgeous girl with 'The' perfect skin walks into the frame?! Although over the years, media has over done it for us, it's only fair for a woman, to want a good healthy glowing skin. We're here with quick and easy steps to get that skin glowing. Well, start taking notes! Let's do this!  

1. Junk Detox Knowing that common say that goes, 'You are what you eat' is truly important if you're aiming for a glowing skin. One cannot have every other day a 'Cheat/Cheese/Oil/Junk Food' Day and expect a healthy glowing skin. Avoid junk food and anything that has a hint of a little too much oil in it. Apart from feeling healthy soon, you'll also watch those pimples and acnes finding ways to subside and calm down already!

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2. Pamper Your Skin, Go Natural Who else can better pamper your own skin better than yourself? Try to get your hands on those healthy fruits, veggie recipes (nope, Potato doesn't count). Healthy clean meat once in a while could be on the menu. You can also try some quick easy home remedies to make simple and effective face packs at home. A face mask as simple as 'Honey and Lemon' combo is sure to condition your skin for that glow. Downing a lot of water (A Lot!) during this stage helps with that.


3. Walk Or Rather Jog The Distance Sweating it out, makes you feel healthy already. Make sure to wash-up with cool water after a steady jog or walk. It helps with keeping the skin clean and clear off dirt.


4. Scrub and Dab An extra add to all skin the pampering also requires that 'scrub'. Not just the glowing skin, but a blemish free skin gets extra points. You can also find that baking soda at home that helps with exfoliating the skin, clears up those black-heads on the face and clears up blemishes. After this has been done, find a 'Skin Toner' that will help with soothing the exfoliated skin and also helps even out the skin-tone.


5. Keeping it Moisturized Now for the damage control, using a moisturizer that would go along with your skin type is as important as trying out all the steps mentioned above. A good moisturizer conditions your skin and keeps the skin soft and adds to that glow that you've been looking out for. While we're on this you might want to look out for those sunburns, hence an effective sunscreen would be the best idea.


6. Be Picky With Cosmetics Products that go with your skin type and products that do not make you want to itch, if you find it, hold on to it! That does not mean you try on everything on the planet to get your hands on it, try on brands that have been said to be working for your similar skin types. You're allowed to be picky when it comes to selecting cosmetics like moisturizers, sunscreen lotions or anything that's going to be on your skin for a bit. You do not want to experiment with products just a day before your important event.

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7.That Beauty Sleep Beauty Sleep or Not-So-Beauty Sleep, you need that enough and healthy up to 7 hours of sleep at night. It would surprise you what that 'early to bed, early to rise' rule does to your skin. Considering most of us are found stuck in front for those laptop screens, it's only fair enough your body gets the right amount of rest while there's so much work being put into it for that 'glow'.


It ain't no easy joke for sure, but who said it's tough? A little extra effort on that skin pampering and attention is all that your skin needs. Hope you figured how to walk that Slo-Mo frame. Go Ahead! Your Turn!