Guide To Dress Up Perfectly As A Guest - Meet The Guests From Our Real Bride Brahmini's Wedding

Guide To Dress Up Perfectly As A Guest - Meet The Guests From Our Real Bride Brahmini's Wedding

Weddings may be extremely special occasions for the bride and groom and their families. But who said that guests shouldn’t dress up? Indian weddings are more about sharing and renewing bonds than about just two people coming together. So the guests at your wedding play a huge role in turning a simple union of marriage into a full-fledged celebration of joy and togetherness!

Do you have a wedding on your calendar? Dreading to dress up for it? There are tonnes of websites that give dressing advice for to be brides and grooms. Even those for bride’s maids! What about the guests? What about what you have to wear? We have exactly what you need right now. Inspiration! What you wear must have just the right balance of style and comfort all the while looking festive.

Let’s take a walk through Bhramini and Abhishek's wedding , shot by @lucky-malhotra#. For once let’s pay attention to what the guests are wearing instead of the bride and groom. Sounds like a difficult thing to do? Let’s begin!

Kids need to dress up too! Like the cute little youngsters in this picture. While choosing ethnic wear for children ensure that the material is comfortable. Heavy dress materials tend to get them irritable very quickly and the last thing you want is to find yourself hurrying out of the wedding venue with a wailing child.

For women, wearing sarees to a wedding function is far from necessary. But that’s what most people end up doing. Why? Because after exhausting all options you realize that there is nothing that comes close to how regal a silk saree looks. Drape it on and leave your hair untied like the gorgeous ladies in this picture.

Pairing up ethnic wear with goggles has been a trend for quite a while now. Do not hesitate if you are one of those daring folks who can carry this contrast off with style. But that’s not all, at outdoor weddings like these, sun glasses become a necessary accessory. If the wedding you are going to attend is in an outdoor setting like a beach, try on your goggles with your outfit in advance or you’ll be in for a nasty surprise at the venue.

Like me, if you find the rustling of silk sarees annoying, go for a simple saree instead. Like this pretty woman has dolled up in a simple saree with bright colours and matching accessories. For men the norm for simple ethnic wear is kurta pyjama. Here, layering it up with a Nehru jacket adds to the style factor.

How classy they look! For those of you blessed with thick black locks, try the simple braid and flaunt it! Fitting the perfect description of an Indian beauty. Pair it up with simple jewellery and you are all set to go!

Is simple and trendy your style of dressing? Here you go! This pretty lady in pink is dressed perfectly for the occasion. A comfortable sleeveless blouse that leaves your arms free for movement. A brightly coloured light weight saree. A simple chain and bangle in gold. Topped with a stylish haircut and spectacles! We absolutely love this look and recommend it for guests at outdoor weddings.

For those you wish to look classy, the formula is simple. A silk saree in muted tones, pearl jewellery and a hair bun adorned with jasmine flowers. Too plain? Add to this a brightly coloured blouse and voila!

Do you find sarees too complex and uncomfortable? Here is the half saree to your rescue! Mismatched colours add to the cheer. What you need to focus on is the blouse. It needs to be perfect. A well fitted blouse is the most important element required to carry off this attire in style.

An ethnic clutch that matches your attire is a must for women!

Sarees that come in different shades of cream paired with dazzling diamond jewellery makes you look no less than angelic like the beautiful women here.

Make sure the attire you wear is comfortable enough to curl up for a quick chit chat with the rest of the guests!

Want to stand out of the crowd? Try a big contrast bindi and wear it with a nosering. Love the lady on the right's necklace too! 

Golden belts are not exclusive to the bride. They serve a purpose. If you want your saree to stay in place and accentuate your curves a bit, a belt will be necessary.

A beautiful photo with rich pastel colours. Always choose colours that best suit your skin tone.

If sleeveless blouses are a bit too uncomfortable, try cap sleeved blouses instead.

White and shades of cream such as ivory and vanilla make a safe choice of colours for men to wear.

Men can also go for the simpler formal wear instead of ethnic attire. And for women, try warm colours like red and maroon. They go well with both gold and diamond jewellery.