Kancheepuram Silk Sarees & The Peacock Motifs!

Haven't we all admired sarees worn by others? All the time? Well, one reason could be the colour and the other main reason is definitely their motifs that attract attention. Peacock is an all time favourite motif for South Indians and here are some awesome peacock motifs that could turn a plain saree into a gorgeous one!

Bridal finery acquires a new dimension with this exquisite sari. The sindhoori red silk matches the bride's blush and the woven tapestry-like mayil, chakrams and yalli in gold mimic her golden glow of happiness. The gold border is edged with two tone red and green and two stripes of auspicious rudraksh motifs on either sides. Yalis and other auspicious motifs enhance the pallu. A plain red blouse with running border is all that is needed to make this a perfect Kanjivaram for any bride.13179425_515774068608084_7500563370591907590_n

This silk sari borrows its colours from ripe plums and iridescent pomegranates. The plum purple silk body is emblazoned with a mesh of gold checks, with woven gold peacocks caged in each check. The simple but rich border and pallu echo undulating waves in gold zari, embellished with paisleys and rudraksha motifs. The bottle green trim adds a hint of dramatic elegance..1914655_492473540938137_6858264611968635567_n

The kumkum red silk body shimmers with gold peacocks woven within paisleys all over. The ribbed zari border is edged with a kumkum red streak. The border is embellished with a wave pattern on one side and a row of paisleys on the other. Geometric patterns, floral fantasies and paisleys in gold create an eye-catching pallu..11052891_391127061072786_9043607457628109285_n

The rich violet silk body is embossed with what appear like large gold dots, but which are actually intricate peacock motifs woven in gold. The beauty of the simple gold border is enhanced with a swirling vine in violet. The gold sheath pallu is edged with a border of twirled vines and blossoms in violet..13133314_513409222177902_137514539582429784_n

Regal and classic is this bold and beautiful Kanjivaram, meant to create an timeless impact. The black body is checked and adorned with mayil chakrams in alternate squares. Meanwhile, ornate paisleys, horses and chakrams dance on the pallu the whole spread done in pure zari for a radiant glow. Finally, the luxurious heavy zari border trimmed in bottle green and gold..12644717_480119938840164_5920228208936298434_n

A brilliant checkered pattern with mayil chakrams in zari adorns the gorgeous ink blue body. The attractive pallu features a shimmering spread of zari woven with elephants, annapakshi, vanki weaves and aramadam motifs. A bavanji border edged with Annapakshi, elephants, yalli and temple motifs in zari adds to the beauty of the sari. The border is repeated on the maroon blouse that accompanies the sari.11150280_389500761235416_860580240518636827_n

Elegant peacocks, embellished with shimmering zari, haughtily claim the body of this glorious sari. Standing tall in a checkered pattern with gorgeous floral motifs on the four corners, each of these peacocks is incredibly handwoven to perfection. The peacock blue body is perfectly complemented with a bavanji border created in royal purple and decorated with vanki weaves and leafy motifs. The richly zari-worked pallu showcases a central panel of diamonds and pretty leaf motifs..10443971_363961793789313_9008175128598452413_n All the above sarees are handpicked from Sarangi, Chennai