Lotus Lustre Theme- Behind The Scenes!

Lotus Lustre Theme- Behind The Scenes!

A week of planning, a month of pre-production and 48 hours of manual labour has brought together this mammoth grandstand play. Roughly 40,000 sq.ft area was designed by the core designers of @vivahhika# who are Muralitharan, Santhosh Krishnan and Santhosh Kumar. It was then brought to life with the help of 250 hardworking individuals.


At Vivahhika, we truly believe in bringing larger than life transformations. This is the most important thing we strive for in each and every wedding.


Lotus, having foremost spiritual values, became the inspiration for the decor.


Beginning with the archway, which was planned to be in such a grand manner,we incorporated the Indo-Thai structures and architectural nuances.


There were also the beautiful pink flowers that played a glamorous role to the archway along with our traditional flowers which gave a more regal appearance to it.


The traditional Vinayagar statue also had a change over with lotus and paisley.


The elegant looking ceiling below carries around two tonnes of load if you can imagine!


We had a lot of restrictions from the administrators of the hall as all of you might know. There shouldn't be any damages done to the structure. Not even a nail! Without disturbing even a small bit of venue we were able to transform the entire look and feel of the place. 11

10                                                                                                                                     We worked on the colouring to perfection and the back panels appeared like real walls.



Our very own inventory team and in house production unit made all this possible. Also, working along with creating structures for cinema has enabled us to create things this massive and royal for weddings.



The garlands for the bride and groom was also customized by us. There were the last minute changes which were a bit of a challenge but the overall look was achieved through it all.