OFF-BEAT Couple-Shooting Spots in Pondicherry

OFF-BEAT Couple-Shooting Spots in Pondicherry

Looking out for spots to do some Couple-Shoot? Here's your chance to hit the roads and travel to Pondicherry. This French Town, already photogenic by itself has some of the best frames to offer you. You don't even have to try!

1. Pondicherry Rock Beach Drive into the city and hit the Rock Beach just in time as the Sun rises and schedules the day for this little French Town. Be sure to catch the stunningly beautiful early lights. Have the frames quickly set and shot because it easily gets crowded in the mornings with the people starting off their day with a jog or a walk along this beach. Pondy Rock Beach ZG Shoot Photo Courtesy : Zero Gravity Studios[/caption]

2. Streets Along White Town The quiet and clean streets along White Town in Pondy are sure one of the best spots for couple shoot. Some of these streets also have trees filled with pink and yellow flowers lined up on either side. You're saying you won't love it? Pondy Streets ZG Shoot Photo Courtesy : Zero Gravity Studios[/caption]

3. Yester-Old French Windows Walling along these French streets, one is bound to find more than just a few beautifully architected French buildings. Along with these comes efficiently carved wooden doors and neatly put windows.Pondy Windows ZG Shoot Photo Courtesy : Zero Gravity Studios[/caption]

4. Bright Colored Yellow Walls Adding vibe and life to this town are the colorful bright yellow walls. This is only going to make your shoot more cheerful and fun! You don't even have to try to frame, it just falls into place. Pondy Yellow Walls MS shoot Photo Courtesy : Mystic Studios[/caption]

5. Graffiti Filled Quiet Cafes Another famous feature of Pondicherry is that, the town is filled with beautiful and small French cafes that serve epic food and are also known for their ambience. These places totally make you feel like you just got transported to a little France. Graffiti Walls in some of the cafes are an epic win! Pondy Graffiti Cafe MW Shoot Photo Courtesy : The Memory Writers[/caption]

6. Peaceful Beach Resorts (Le Pondy) Being one of the major tourist places, Pondy has a lot of well-maintained Beach Resorts that are becoming popular among the tourists. The whole set-up in many Resorts are made in such a way that one totally falls in love with the architecture and ambience very easily while on a holiday. Le Pondy, one of the major beach resorts have beautiful sets on, that can make an awesome back-drop for your shoot. Pondy 'Le Pondy'  CWP Shoot Photo Courtesy : Creative Wedding Photography[/caption]

7. The Secluded Serenity Beach Tucked away from the city and amidst a quiet sea-shore is the Serenity Beach. This place is very well maintained and is rock-free. The couple can have their ideal "Walk-On-The-Beach" shots at this place. Pondy Serenity Beach PriyaVision Photography Photo Courtesy : Priya Vision Sabari Photography