Perfect Easy Breezy Decor for a Beach Wedding!

Perfect Easy Breezy Decor for a Beach Wedding!

A beach wedding is the obvious choice for those who want a relaxed and laid back wedding. The big expanse of white sands, the infinitely sprawling turquoise sea and the colours painted by the sun on the sky provide the perfect back drop for a romantic and exotic wedding location. Here are a few décor ideas you can draw inspiration from for a beach wedding!

Floral wonders-

This one is right out of a fairy tale! The pastel flowered pillars perfectly complement the elegant white orchids hanging from the mandap’s ceiling.

If you are one for minimalism, then this elegant jasmine decoration lined with roses at the bottom must be your obvious choice. It is classy and chic.

For an exotic beach wedding, what better than colourful tropical multi-colored orchids to adorn the mandap? It will be the perfect foreground for the blue water expanse in the background.

Bright colours blend effortlessly with the blue seas and white sands. A delightful combination of red and pink flowers for the pillars and a well lit mandap with hanging flowers will create a summery bright look!

Roses are synonymous with romance. Especially red roses that look regal and bold. What other flower will make your mandap look romantic and royal at the same time, especially while combined with pillars decorated with hanging crystals.

Elegant Drapes With Flowers-

These baby pink and peach drapes along with white and peach flowers not only look elegant but also dreamy. It will provide the perfect focal point for your wedding ceremony!

A mix of pink and white flowers when delightfully combined with white drapes will look exotic and the simple peacock décor at the back adds to its beauty.

The purple drapes along with a minimal use of flowers for the frame of the mandap is the perfect setting for a romantic outdoor wedding.

Traditional decorations are timeless and they never go out of style! The use of coconut leaf in the mandap and native flowers along with the lovely earthy drapes of blue and brown creates a bold and unforgettable impact.

If you are a fan of pastel colours and want to create an air of sophistication and class to your wedding atmosphere, go with white, red, peach and orange coloured flowers and a light pastel peach, pink and white for your drapes.

Golden colour is the favorite and most popular colour scheme for weddings. Adding contrasting dark coloured flowers to your golden canopy and drapes is the picture of grace and grandeur.

Contrasting the flowers with the drapes create a beautiful contradiction to your décor yet work perfectly together.

For an exotic spring style wedding décor, it is best to choose bright hued drapes and flowers like magenta and pink. The contrast of white mandap adds to the charm of the whole décor.

The monotone bright pink used in this décor looks like a tropical wonder! The mix of pink, magenta and purple for the flowers while maintaining the colour scheme of the décor looks refreshing. The ‘Om’ in the background enhances the whole decor and harmoniously pulls the whole setup together.