Pondicherry - A Blend Of Romance & Class!

Remember the yellow walls with the white borders in most of the Tamil movie romantic songs!? How could one easily forget those classic romantic walls? Many a time's most of us would have mistaken it to be a foreign location too!! Those classic and pretty walls are in the French Colony of Pondy. Those Picturesque walls are the exact locations one would wish for a couple photo shoot!! Pondicherry is a popular tourist destination in South India and is a cultural mix of French and Tamil. The city has many colonial buildings and French style avenues which preserves the colonial ambience of the city. As the City lies in a coastal region surrounded by seas there are scenic beaches like Promenade beach, Auroville Beach, Serenity Beach etc. The city has picturesque locations that would make a shoot classy and as well romantic. One could wonder how French people bring in romance and class, be it Paris or Pondicherry :) 11194446_953178334715887_5613799349475051499_o 10633395_936941802999018_5539437009522027360_o 12138327_1164882420193468_9023306456328512515_o 774310_459510670769995_100828514_o 1398713_551818248231005_273279505_o Pondy-Windows-ZG-Shoot-1024x682 1962156_953178741382513_4241140396434389934_o Pondy-Graffiti-Cafe-MW-Shoot 10714386_1249231358425240_3114348084741158689_o 1397536_551819311564232_1615599073_o 1495121_562825530463610_1298948243_o 11051767_953178721382515_1289642468425643922_o