Shopzters Couples and Their Garlands- Part 2

Shopzters Couples and Their Garlands- Part 2

Garlands- an age-old tradition and a must-have in a typical Indian wedding. The beautiful fragrance always helps maintain a relaxed state of mind. Moreover the feel of flower petals on one’s skin rejuvenates one’s cells and hormones. It eventually brings out a glow from within which is very essential for a bride and a groom on their big day. Beyond its scientific significance, no other ornament, even the finest jewellery can make one feel special like a garland can. And not to miss out its vibrant colours and the visually stunning look it gives to a bride and a groom. Here we have from our Shopzters couple box; our favourite garlands of the year that caught our eye at first sight.

Just roses and nothing more is needed! A simple garland where the natural beauty of roses is embraced.

Going beyond the cliché, a rose garland can also be sophisticated. Like the one above, beautifully embellished with jasmine detailing and ombre effect. 

A twist for the tasteful. A garland with an overload of lilies and perfect rose highlights. To elevate the grandeur a little more, an inner layer of lotus maala gives us just the perfect picture. 

The very winsome green chrysanthemum with vibrant hot pink roses, topped with classic jasmines that make the whole look very posh and reception perfect. 

A garland that’s totally a statement by itself. To start off with, look at the stunning detailing of jasmine flowers inside rich shaded rose petals and finished with green orchids. It is an inspiration in the bridal trends basket. 

A simple yet bright white lotus garland paired with shimmery net fabric keeps the look very unique. 

A defined garland that’s kept very simple yet with a lot of opulent vibes. With the wise usage of roses and jasmines, this garland definitely is a winner!