Spectacular Designs On Dramatic Colours

Designs on a blouse have tales to tell. And the embroidery has to rival the saree if not match. But most of all they have to draw everyone's eye and blow their minds. We all love that part, don't we? So how does a plain silk or cotton blouse go from ordinary to extraordinary?

The designers from Mantra Design studio gives us a sneak peek into going that extra mile that makes all the difference in the world.

  1. This ruby-red blouse and the golden embroidery work on it is a classic-combo!Mantra design  (1)

  2. Stamps used for leaving prints on fabrics looking pretty neat.Mantra design  (5)

  3. Traditional designs are just as hot as any and here's something that rearing to tell stories that your grandparents once told.Mantra design  (6)
  4. Grand and gorgeous, the only way to go while picking up designer blouses.Mantra design (7)
  5. Leaves and Mango patterns never go out of style           Mantra design (8)
  6. How can you say anything but yes to peacocks?Mantra design (9)
  7. From grand to grander, this lotus design is beautifulMantra design (10)
  8. Intricate and heave details on sleeves definitely grabs eyes everywhere.Mantra design (11)
  9. Let's rebel and add a dash of black with golden beads making it festive.Mantra design (16)
  10. If we are going to bedazzle our blouses, let's go big!Mantra design (18)
  11. A beautiful and painfully hand-crafted design that is making us go ga-ga.Mantra design (19)
  12. Focusing and channeling the designs were it shows prominently mattersMantra design (26)
  13. Beads and Mango, what's a blouse without them things?Mantra design (32)
  14. Taking bright colours and adding a pint of grandnessMantra design (35)
  15. Helping gold grow a shade richerMantra design (36)
  16. Trendy design on a trendy blouse of hot reddish pink colour for the trendy bridesMantra design (37)
  17. This pink blouse and its heavy design concentrated to the neck is a stunning piece of workMantra design (39)
  18. Not only the contrast to the blouse and saree is eye-grabbing, but the design and the neck pattern is way too goodMantra design (40)
  19. This violet blouse and the snowing design is fabulousMantra design (42)
  20. A bright cheerful yellow and a splendid design with a pretty scoop makes it an amazing blouse.Mantra design (45)