Talambralu - The Ritual Of Happiness

Talambralu - The Ritual Of Happiness

A Telugu wedding ritual, Talambralu is metaphoric to the couple's life ahead filled with happiness, prosperity and understanding. During this ritual, the bride and groom exchange garlands and the shower each other with pearls and rice mixed along with saffron and turmeric. The rice is predominantly used because it is the staple diet of the state, it is considered auspicious for rituals. It takes place after tying the knot and what begins with taking turns soon becomes a hilarious competition between the couple, the guests also sprinkle the couple with flower petals and rice in the form of blessings for their future together.Harsha Reddy Photography (190) Picture Source : Harsha Photography Weddings by Gayatri photography (6) Picture Source : Gayatri Nair Vijay Eesam photography (52) Picture Source : Vijayeesam Vijay Eesam photography (9) Picture Source : Vijayeesam 1231387_10152174018388824_1940382120_n Picture Source : Studio A1450194_10152970065098824_284296821878934594_n Picture Source : Studio A1471121_10152105417168824_334660296_n Picture Source : Studio AAshwin kireet Photography (152) Picture Source : Ashwin Kireet Photography1914484_10153853964868824_2492544954646924522_n

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