The 14 Cake Towers From Our Dreams

The 14 Cake Towers From Our Dreams

Cake towers are all the rage and rightly so, it is literally a tower of sweetness. Also, you get to experiment with different desserts, flavors and event pile them all together at once. Did that make your mouth water? Well we have more, here are 14 cake towers that made us want to get married almost immediately:

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The tower of pastel sweetness.


The colorful macaroon pile that looks like gorgeous shade card.


Scrumptious pile of donuts dripping chocolate, jam and caramel.

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This delicate pastry of roses that seems to be out of a Disney fairy-tale.

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Who doesn't love Oreo? Stack them up into a pile of perfection.

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If elegance had a name, these Swiss rolls would be it.

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Live your childhood fantasy with a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher goodness.

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This stack of cute cupcakes that are almost pretty to eat.

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The jar dessert pyramid, for when you have guests who would prefer their own personal dessert.


This chocolate filled guilty pleasure.

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Cake-pops because it's the perfect blend of lollipop and delicious cake.

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Have you ever seen anything so beautifully messy?


Perfectly places chocolate covered strawberries, a delight for both your taste-buds and eyes. 

Pictures' Source : Pinterest