The Desi-Carnival Sangeeth of Aishwarya and Kritish - Sure Did Turn Alot Of Heads

The Desi-Carnival Sangeeth of Aishwarya and Kritish - Sure Did Turn Alot Of Heads

For two creative people who had a similar thirst towards the way of life, nothing stood along their way when it came to following the wind of passion. Let’s hear it from the mind behind @the-knottt#, Dhanya who speaks to Shopzters about the initiation and the various attributes of the brand.

Gautham and I have been friends since school and now Co-founders of The Knottt. Unlike many careers, there is no set way to become a wedding planner. We really did like taking part and contributing to school and college events. After extensive research, we decided that wedding planning seemed like a perfect fit for our skill base. Also, it would provide a great work-life balance and that's how we initiated The Knottt.

I always wanted to do something creative and we always believed and still do that we have the personality traits to be good planners. I tend to get bored easily and the fact that I am in an industry where every event is new and exciting is pretty cool. We enjoy our work and planning a wedding is quite intense. 

Integrating the needs of the groom/bride, their parents and executing the same the way they had expected it be or more is what we cherish working for ceremonies. The psychology behind what we do to make things rights is pretty intense as well as exciting.

When clients appreciate our service and telling us that they could not have done this without us and fellow vendors telling us that they are excited to work with us is definitely rewarding.  

 Kritish and Aishwarya are our good friends and they have been in touch with us for quite sometime to execute their Sangeeth night. Vishal was largely involved with the set up and we enjoyed planning it with him. The family wanted something vibrant, interactive and a whole new feel to it. We are proud to say that we were confident enough to give that experience to all the guests who attended the Sangeeth.

The theme chosen was “Desi Carnival”. Just like any other Sangeeth there were performances, music and liquor, but what stood out was how the guests enjoyed each and every detail of the theme. Be it the village inspired hut, street carts serving cotton candy and sweets or the tuk-tuk photobooth ride, it was truly a carnival to remember and cherish!  

@fifth-angle-studios# have also done an amazing job in capturing all the beautiful moments of the eve. They kept raising bars by showing how splendid the occassions truly was.

With no doubt, Shopzters has always been our support and we enjoy being a part of their family contributing equally to this beautiful wedding industry.

It's been a great journey so far and we look forward to more. To infinity and beyond!