The Perfect Makeover To Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day

The Perfect Makeover To Look Flawless On Your Wedding Day

All set for your wedding but can’t find a make-up artist? Regardless of how beautiful your saree and jewellery is, it’s your makeup and hair do that will ultimately make or break your look. You must be very careful while choosing one. There are artists who specialize in certain looks. There are some who use make up that’s too bright while some try to make you look natural to the extent that you look like you just got out of bed! Run from these two kinds of people!

What you need is someone that will study your features and skin tone. Someone that will enhance positives and highlight them. Someone that will make you look as pretty as you can possibly be! To find that someone you need to do a lot of research. You need to see their work and fix appointments to discuss the kind of look you want at your wedding. We can help you with that! Here are some make overs by @make-up-by-afsha-rangila# that you can look at.

Accentuating the features, especially the eyes go a long way in making a strong appearance.

Your lipstick should always be compatible with the colours in your saree as seen here.

Bronzed eyeshadows play a huge role in accentuating your eyes.


We absolutely love this look! Huge bindi with nude lipstick and untied hair. You ought to try this look at one of your wedding events. Maybe the mehendi!

Clean simple make up is what you are looking for. Something that makes you look prettier instead of turning you unrecognisable!

The make- up here has been beautifully blended to match the skin perfectly.

Untied hair with a stylish ensemble calls for a dark shade of lipstick. Try deep shades of maroon or purple.

Yet another example of where the lipstick is simply a deeper tone of the sarees colour.

The touch of pink adds a glow to this beautiful bride.

The bronzed make up and gold jewellery gives this bride a classic look.