Top Places In South India To Have A Royal Wedding

Top Places In South India To Have A Royal Wedding

In India, a country well known for its unity in diversity, taking the sacred oath to begin a journey of a lifetime is a pleasant, vibrant and colourful experience. Of course, the Indian weddings fill the air with rhythmic hymns, the essence of flowers, the warmth of friends and relatives and cultural inheritance. This even lures some expats to adopt the Indian rituals for tying-the-knot with a grand celebration in India. 

The southern Indian expanse is an amalgamation of both natural and modern sophisticated topology. The lush greens, the colourful blossoms, the golden beaches, the river cascades and much more along with their decorous hospitality makes southern India an exemplary host for a grand wedding. 

Put on record some of such wonderful destinations for your dream royal wedding.

God's Own Country - Kerala

Pristine, peaceful and regarded as the cleanest state in India makes Kerala a scenic wonderland. The place with exotic cuisine, enchanting art forms, and naturally charming destinations brings along a unique experience for a splendid wedding. Say your vows on the backwaters on a magnificent yacht or with a lake view organising floating platforms across the water. A private beach setting or a traditional Mandap, have it according to your preference because you and your guests can also enjoy the state of relaxation with grand ayurvedic spa. You can also organise boat races for your guests to give them the feel of the emerald backwaters. 


Pearl City - Hyderabad

City of lights, heritage monuments, lakes, parks and loads more. If you wish to have a Royal wedding in a Palace, pause your search here. The Nizam monarchy has passed down their traditions in facets of both, the royal sojourn and the rich culinary. They welcome modernisation staying grounded with their folklore and hence one can find a fusion of antiquity and modish at the same time. The tourist attractions and delightful shopping areas are some other things your guests can enjoy the taste of.

You can also have an enduring outdoor venue for wedding amidst the manicured lawns of Rajput gardens

Two halves of a soul, taking vows to become whole.

The Serene beauty - Andaman

A location away from the hustle and bustle of the city, blooming amidst sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery, this can be an ideal wedding location. A nice beachside wedding with resorts for the guests can never go wrong. Make sure to not miss out on some of the amazing water sports your guests can enjoy.


A Traditional Fairytale Wedding - Mahabalipuram

Anyone who has watched the movie ‘2 States’ know how beautiful it is to have a wedding in the Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram. Nothing can match the beauty this place gives out. This can be the one key element that can make your wedding a fairytale wedding.


A Touch Of France - Pondicherry

This city has its own remarkable beauty with its fusion of traditional south India and France. Destinations wedding in Pondicherry are perfect whether it's an extravagant gathering on a dance floor buzzing with music or an easygoing shoreline party with your loved ones, Pondicherry is more than anything you could want.


Breathtaking beauty - Coorg

Named as Scotland by the Britishers in the 19th century, you will get enchanted by its surreal beauty, a romantic destination for a Royal wedding with plenty of activities for both pre and post wedding celebrations. Bird watching - Nope the 'real birds' in nature, slush sports, zip lining and also trying your hands on pottery in this green area with a fragrance resembling the one after the first rains are some of the activities you can indulge with your friends and guests. Coorg or Kodagu can help you host an exotic outdoor wedding.

In the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.

These serene, cordial and romantic destinations are perfect locations to say 'I Do' at these southern gems which are a beautiful blend of beauty and romance along with lavishness.