5 Ways To Edit Your Guest List

It's your wedding and you are bound to get a bit carried away, you want everybody to see how well you're doing. But it is necessary to sit down and be practical about the guests you invite. Here are five easy points to pay attention to while making your guest list.

The Time Factor

If there is somebody who you haven't seen for more than 10 years, and haven't kept in touch with at all, then they should definitely not be a part of your list. It may seem exciting, but keep your random school friends at a minimum, especially if you've graduated four to five years ago. If you have to put in thought to remember their name, then they shouldn't get an invite.


Closer relatives, friends, colleagues come first. Make a list of your wedding party that is closest to you and then as you add number, cut down from the bottom. If you have to hunt for their number, or send them an invite on Facebook, they aren't important enough.

Quality of the Relationship

There may be a few people who it may seem inconvenient to meet but you still talk to, for example, if they live in a different city or country. Apart from this, people you meet on a daily basis will automatically be on top of your list. Avoid friends of friends and relatives of relatives, because that vicious cycle will never end.

Divide the occasions

Do not invite all your guests, to all your celebrations. Allot some functions exclusively for those who are a part of your personal circle. And then have one for people who you just have to invite due to social obligations.

Be specific

While addressing wedding cards, be specific about who is invited. If the card is addressed to a family and you do aren't on a budget to have their three to four children at the wedding, say Mr & Mrs, instead of Mr and family. For your single friends, mention if they can bring a plus one or not, it helps avoid confusion and unnecessary spending towards somebody you don't even know.

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