Wedding Day Essentials For The Pretty South Indian Bride – Pack Your Emergency Kit Now!

Wedding Day Essentials For The Pretty South Indian Bride – Pack Your Emergency Kit Now!

Surviving ‘D’ day is not an easy task. There are always some dips and falls. As a bride, you must already be under immense pressure and we know you had to give up on your sweet tooth to fit into that perfect dress!

After all you have sacrificed; you need some peace of mind at the time of the ceremony. By having the essentials ready at your disposal, your survival is ensured on your beautiful yet gruelling wedding day. Have a handy fix at all times, for makeup emergencies, an unfortunate snag in your outfit or anything that might show up at the last minute.

It’s not a task that would take long. Simply grab an old tote or toiletry bag with multiple pockets. Start stuffing all the items in this check list!

Emergency kit checklist:

1.       Lipstick – You might need a touch-up after eating or drinking. Have a small one to your rescue throughout the day.

2.       Blotting Paper – Oily skin is such a pain. Isn’t it? Grab and dab on blotting paper to take off the unwanted shine especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

3.       Safety pins – Officially, THE most important thing to have in your wedding day survival kit. Our velammas and sometimes even our amma can run out of these. And then they go around asking the other ladies for some spares. Plus, you might need to adjust your own pretty sari. Pack two or three dozens of them in different sizes, because you never know how many would be needed by you or your bridal party.

4.       Perfume – A small pocket perfume is always helpful when you need to spirtz a little to smell lovely all through the day. Also, in case you need to change, it comes handy.

5.       Band aids – Although, it is always advisable to wear your bridal shoes BEFORE the day of your wedding, to break them in, but in case you did not, there is high probability that they’ll hurt or give you a blister or two. You’ll be walking or standing most of the day. So, keep some friendly band-aids close.

6.       Aspirin – Too much stress can give headaches too!

7.       Tissues – No matter how much you claim you won’t cry, in the end you are going to sob like a scary monster snatched your favourite doll from your hand. My tip - carry tissues (lots of them) coz the bride is crying. PERIOD!

8.       Hair spray – You wanted that Jodha Akbar hairdo and now you find it difficult to manage – SOLUTION? Nothing but yours truly Mr. Hair spray! Keep a hairspray at your disposal to fix any strands that decide to play naughty and go loose.

9.       A small mirror – A compact mirror is the best help for last minute touch ups.

10.   Tampons/ Sanitary Pads – Just in case you didn’t remember your cycle or your period decided to play an evil trick by arriving early. Just have one on hand for the worst scenario.

11.   Your favourite music – Some upbeat music to set the perfect mood for you and ward away stress is always a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle.

Finally, ask one of your lovely bridesmaids to keep this bag near you at all times.

And yes…. A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to you!