5 Ways to Surprise Your Partner

5 Ways to Surprise Your Partner

Take some time out from your everyday mundane life to make your partner feel loved and special. It's hard to keep up with the world, your spouse deserves a break and a visit to the honeymoon phase.  

A Candle Light Dinner The way to a person's heart is through their stomach, so cook up your spouse their favourite meal. Remember to set the ambience, a nice candle lit table goes a long way. The meal doesn't have to be anything complicated, the point is to show that you put some thought into it. Play some jazz in the background and you have the perfect set-up.


Weekend Getaway Plan out an entire weekend out with your partner, but make it a surprise. Include a spa date, amusement park, a beach side rendezvous and even a cute little picnic, go all out and show them how much you really care. Talk to their boss and get them an early off on a Friday and have your weekend gateway.


 A Night Out Take your partner out for some fun, they deserve it. Go to a fancy club, have a few drinks and dance the Saturday night away. This will give both of you a night to connect with each other in a new way. Give yourself another chance to be young, wild and free.


 Breakfast in Bed Wake up an hour earlier than they do and cook them breakfast, platter it up and serve it to them in bed. Watch how it changes their day, do it before an important meeting or any stressful event that could use an antidote, a good start always goes a long way.


 A Present Give your partner a gift that they've had an eye on for quite some time. It could be a new book by their favourite author, a gadget, a video game, or even clothes. Just wrap it up pretty and surprise them, accompany it with a handwritten note for bonus points.