A Photographer’s Delight! – Light Story

A Photographer’s Delight! – Light Story

  We'll probably never tire of saying this, however cliched it sounds - Every wedding story is unique, however similar our lives are.


Meet Sriniketh and Pavithra, who met at a party in Switzerland and fireworks followed soon after - figuratively and literally, because Pavithra invited Sriniketh over to help her with an experiment at the lab and Sriniketh ended up with badly burnt fingers. And *cough cough* Sriniketh firmly believes that Pavithra did this accidentally on purpose with ulterior motives. Pavithra disagrees, though LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-19   Sriniketh hoped that I could make him look better than the bride, but I do think I have failed miserably there - Pavithra was such a delight to capture (Sorry, Sriniketh. It was like an Afghanistan Vs Australia cricket match and she won hands down, even before the match started). LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-17LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-18 What I loved best about Pavithra and Sriniketh was their sense of humour - when I asked Srinketh what he liked best about the wedding, he remarked wryly, "I'm a man - I'm looking forward to life after the wedding".   LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-03 LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-02 An intimate Tamil Brahmin wedding, two families very happy that their bright children had found each other, the wedding made even more special with their friends' presence who had travelled all the way from Switzerland and the USA, the groom and bride radiant in their happiness, some very good food (hey! this is important) made for great moments of capture. LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-05LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-08 The groom and bride had paid great attention to detail, it must have been a challenge coordinating from afar, but they pulled it off admirably - the venue looked splendid!


Sriniketh, an avid cricketer, would know better - but sometimes it's nice that life is not like a game of cricket - Pavithra and Sriniketh are both winners for having found each other.   LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-07 LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-12 Light Story wishes the lovely couple a very happy, healthy, long innings of togetherness! LightStory-tamil-brahmin-candid-wedding-20