Count Your Blessings, They Say. Get Them Captured, We Say!

Count Your Blessings, They Say. Get Them Captured, We Say!

We at Shopzters can’t contain our excitement. Yes! It’s Children’s day all the way. A day solely dedicated for the most amazing and delicate of God’s creation. Who wouldn’t have been fascinated by the world of kids, their very cute innocence, the mischiefs they cause, their inevitable playfulness and most importantly their heart of gold. While we keep nurturing on these qualities, it is always toned down to capturing their most happiest of moments and re-living them over and over again. Want to get the perfect shots of your beautiful kids? Fret not, for we here at Shopzters have curated a collection of some of our favourite Kid’s photographers all under one roof. Book them already and beam with joy! Here goes… (Not in any particular order)

1. @shots-by-vandana-siraj# – A franchise of Siraj Khan Photography, they love being a part of every other event of yours and would also love to be your kid’s favourite friend. They specialize in New-born, Toddler and Maternity Photography along with Family Portraits, Baby Showers, Birthday parties and any such family events.

2.Yellow bird photography, Chennai  from @creative-wedding-photography# – They are photographers based in Chennai who love kids as much as we do. Kids grow up fast, time flies, but with finely crafted portraits, its reflection remains, reminding us of the innocence and exuberance of childhood, they claim. Also, their major goal is to capture these beautiful moments for you to treasure forever!

3.Tot shots from @vipin# – A branch of Vipin Photography, they specialize in capturing the innocence and charm of every kid alike.

4.Toddler stories by @the-memory-writers# - Being a mother is the greatest gift there is and Toddler Stories by TMW, based in Coimbatore, strongly believe and understand how memorable and magical this transformation can be. They consist of a team capable of handling every phase of this beautiful journey right from maternity till post-delivery and beyond!

5.The Musings by @mystic-studios# - The musings believe that every child is a present and takes utmost care and precision to get them captured for a lifetime of memories.

6.Toodle Kids photography by @studio-a#  – Photographers based in Chennai, they believe that kids photography is a form of art. They hold pride is being able to capture the magic of childhood as it is.

7.@smiles-and-dreams# – Run by Srinivas, a self-taught photographer based in Chennai, who loves to photograph Kids, weddings and couples deeply in love. Smiles and Dreams was created in an effort to capture the happiness that surrounds you by digitally framing the treasured moments of your life.

8. @priyavision# Sabari Photography – Based in Coimbatore, Priya Vision Sabari Photography concentrates mostly on maternity shoots, the start to your beautiful life ahead and infant photography, where the real joy begins.

9.@nagendra-mayya# – Photographers from Bangalore, a family of 3 who are into new-born, travel, birthday party and baby photo-shoot. They love capturing the spontaneity of the moment that expresses the emotions and joy in every unique celebration.

10.Mommy shots by Amrita - Mommy Shots, initiated by Amrita who is a natural when it comes to portraying children in their element, specializes in High-end Maternity, New-born and Toddler Photography. They believe in "stories with happy beginnings" and help you capture your baby from the 'Bump' days to the toddler years. Hence, if you want to tell your child’s story, one unforgettable photograph at a time, you’re at the right place.

Here’s to happy beginnings and happier memoirs!