A Photographer's Delight! - Arjun & Narmada Wedding! - Amar Ramesh Photography!

A Photographer's Delight! - Arjun & Narmada Wedding! - Amar Ramesh Photography!

The recent wedding of Arjun and Narmada shot by Amar Ramesh got accolades from all corners for all the efforts the team took! Let's hear about the wedding from Amar Ramesh! OUTDOOR PHOTO SHOOT: This time we wanted to mix some colors and drama to our outdoor shoot and came up with this idea of using the band guys for our shoot. So we took help of a local musical band guys and shot a series of pictures at the Leela Palace, Chennai. 1F5A7542 1F5A7490 1F5A7397 port IMG_9012




SANGEET AND WEDDING: The sober after math. Suddenly as I wake up today, I feel like a kid who just celebrated a great Diwali. For me or for most of us as kids who grew up in India, it was one festival we waited the whole year and celebrated it to the fullest and never wanted to end. How much we used to prepare and prep up ourselves for it to look the best, enjoy the most and make the best out of the two days. But once the festive is over the soberness that hovers is something I always din't like and suddenly this morning I come to face it again after the wedding finale of Arjun and Narmada. What pleasure it was to be a part of their wedding and to be one among their friends and relatives, be part of the celebrations and enjoy it till the last drop of it. May be I need at least a couple of days to sink all this in and prepare myself to start off with the routine again. Weddings like this are a feast that happens once in a long while but these are the ones that make me love my profession more and want to be at it for a life time. Thank you Arjun and Narmada for all the love and hospitality, Wishing you guys A blissful life together. 20140319-Arjun-Narmada-Wedding-A001-72 20140315-arjun-narmada-a001-9626 20140315-arjun-narmada-a001-9493 20140315-arjun-narmada-a001-9309 20140315-arjun-narmada-a001-9270-Edit 20140315-arjun-narmada-a001-9243 Groom-Portrait-Arjun-Narmada-1140x750 Arjun-Narmada-Couple-Diptych-3-1140x750 Arjun-Narmada-1140x750