Our Top 15 Wedding Stories That Garnered Most Attention In 2016!

Our Top 15 Wedding Stories That Garnered Most Attention In 2016!

We find ourselves oh-so privileged to have had the opportunity to talk to so many brides! Each beautiful woman has her own story, which she has so eloquently put forth! We celebrate Wedding Stories and so we’ve come up with a list of Wedding Stories that got the maximum attention on our digital platform in 2016!

Indu and Rishi

Two Doctors and a cool and fab Telugu wedding with all the spicy wedding details we love and look forward to!

Prabha and Lakshmi Kumar

Prabha’s wedding story is a classic boy’s-family-meets-girl’s-family story but trust us, there is a lot of mirchi on the way that you don’t wanna miss.

Tripti and Anirudh

A meticulously planned Bangalore wedding highlighted by the fresh and creative decor and complemented by scintillating frames, gorgeous outfits and make-up.

Shivani and Abishek

A beautiful narrative from an enthusiastic mom who meticulously planned her charming daughter's wedding! Graced by a host of celebrities, the wedding was a grand affair which was highlighted by the huge family circle and outstanding outfits!

Akshaya Agnes and Anton Manuel

An entrepreneur, owner of three fitness studios in 'Namma Chennai', Akshaya is a health and fitness professional from Indian Institute of Sports Medicine, a licensed Pilate instructor, yoga and Zumba instructor and a nutritionist. The groom Anton Manuel is a Network Consultant at CGI. In a single call, the groom floored the bride and they happily got married soon after. 

Pavithra and Nayan

From their beautiful smiles to the innocence that radiated off the bride, we found a couple who made our hearts go ‘Awww’. Pavithra Gowda and Nayan Gowda tied the knot in a temple wedding ceremony where the groom's side was in orange and the bride's side sported purple attire. The highlight according to Pavithra was the peacock Doli on the wedding day.

Meghana and Venkat Gokul

The couple managed to match at almost all their functions, creating an element that put their bond on display. Not just that, this was accompanied by some amazing candid couple shots that tempted us to bring you this story.

Yusra and Shuja

If you love Karan Johar films, then you are sure to like this Bollywood couple.  Yusra is a graphic designer born and raised in Chennai whereas Shuja is an engineer, who’s born and raised in USA. They had a royal muslim wedding at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. 

Divya and Dhyan

Divya and Dhyan used to live across the same street for years together but didn’t meet each other till their cousins decided to play cupid.Destiny played its part once Dhyan moved back to erode - horoscopes were exchanged, the meeting happened and love beckoned.

Keerthana and Siddarth

We’ve heard of love at first sight, but this couple met just a week before their engagement and had yet fallen in love long before. Their modern day arranged marriage is aided strongly by technology like Skype, face time etc. 

Shweta and Vishnu

Shweta and Vishnu had an arranged marriage, and yet he is everything she could ask for. She had a set checklist and he put a tick against every single one of her requirements. Shweta's father owns the Nandhana Group of Hotels, Bangalore and Vishnu is currently heading the progress of Adyar Ananda Bhavan, what a delicious combination!! 

Nikita and Krishna

This couple's typical traditional Telugu wedding is just as delightful and charming as any other wedding. Its lovely to see every colourful detail of it. 

Anu Kriti and Tamil

Bride Anu Kriti is a packet full of energy and her wedding story is sure to bring a huge smile in our faces. Anu met Tamil at a temple, arranged by parents and the moment she met him, she knew that he was the man of her dreams and the rest is history.

Nila and Vinesh

Nila and Vinesh's wedding was a five day affair! And what an experience it was! They had all their cousins and friends over; had colour codes for each day and so much fun! 

Savitha and Kishore

Savitha and Kishore's wedding itself is a sight to see, with the beautiful bride exquisitely dressed!  Being car lovers, they both met at an Auto Expo, where they became friends and that gradually progressed to love.