Add A Dream Like Effect to Your Pre - Wedding Shoot With Smoke Bombs: A Trend to Try in 2017!

Add A Dream Like Effect to Your Pre - Wedding Shoot With Smoke Bombs: A Trend to Try in 2017!

Drone shots, selfie stations and photo booths, classic film photography, editorial style shots, capturing proposals, GIFS and cinemagraphs… 2016 brought in plenty of photography trends for wedding and pre-wedding shoots. But is that all we want? Is it enough to satisfy us? I say NOT! And that’s the reason why even the dramatic smoke bombs made an extravagant entry as a trend. Smoke bombs and pre-wedding shoots… really? YES! That’s the in thing and you surely need to give a shot (pun intended) to these.

You must’ve seen the perfect pictures of the bride and groom, deep diving in love, with colourful clouds of smoke in the background. That’s exactly what we’re talking about today. Add that extra dash of smoking hot fun to your special moments with these glam-weapons. (We know we’re spilling the beans on the hottest trend this year.)

Get that extra oomph for your pictures!

Of course you could do great with some inspiration, here goes:

  • Brides - to - be can twirl around with mini cannons in their hands. This eventually creates a magic with the colours.

  • Seal it with a kiss and magical clouds of red enveloping you two.

  • Or maybe, you could go with blue and a backdrop of snow.

  • How about a forest theme with two souls deeply in love and of course white smoke if that isn’t a spectacular vision what is!

  • Want the recipe for a perfect picture? – Add some dramatic green smoke bombs to it!

  • Cook up a ravishing click with your Mr. or Ms. sunshine and some vibrant hues of orange and yellow.

All set to add the soft, romantic feel, but don’t know the How’s, Why’s and What’s? We have all the answers:

Smoke bombs are simple sticks. When you light them up, they give out colourful trails of smoke. No matter how they’re used, indeed, the clouds of smoke add a magical touch to your pictures.

Next, you must be wondering about the safety. They are absolutely safe, so no trouble here as well. You can skip it in case you’re sensitive to smoke, as it’s quite thick with a strong smell. Other than this and leaving stains on clothes, there are no issues. Buy these online or ask your photographer to make necessary arrangements.

Though they can be a bit tricky, they add an effect which makes them absolutely tempting to try. Don’t they? So, what are you waiting for? Find someone who knows his way around the smokies and get clicking.

Ditch the sparklers darling, because smoke bombs are so IN!