Best Of 2019 - The bold and beautiful bridesmaid squad of 2019

Best Of 2019 - The bold and beautiful bridesmaid squad of 2019

We love this bride’s squad of friends who all look joyful for the bride on her big day! Thumbs up for sticking to traditional mundu saree for bridesmaid outfit.

This distinctive group of bridesmaids look nothing less than the required support system the bride needs.

This bridesmaid group is our favorite! We love their elegant matching sarees and the undeniable joy in the air!

What are bridesmaids for if they do not attend to your every need on your big day? We adore this trio who are loving and hands-on.

Who wouldn’t want these bubbly beauties to be there for them on their big day? It’s all the bride needs to keep cool.

Every bride wants to be the center of attention and loves people gushing about her. These bridesmaids seem to know exactly what to do to keep the bride happy and proud.

Here is the cutest bridal party ever! We love how every bridesmaid has kept their outfit simple and classy letting the bride shine on her big day.

We adore this bridal party as they seem the most fun and jolly group ever! Hats off for having men in the bridal party. We all need a man who would be there for us on her big day.

This bride has the most rocking group of friends who adore her and support her on the most important day of her life.

Who needs a fairy godmother when you have friends like these ladies, who would do everything to keep the bride laughing.

We love these bridesmaids who are ready to join the bride in her day dreaming about her prince charming!

Your trusted support system will surely not turn their back on you, except for photos where they let you shine in all your glory!

We don’t know which to admire first. The Charming bride or her classy bridesmaids? They bridal party look elegant and graceful in matching half-sarees. We love the perspective and symmetry in the photo.

This bride’s squad look like the Charlie’s angels who would do anything for their Charlie, the bride!

What’s more fun than naughty bridesmaids who love to tease and disturb the wedding party during their intimate moments?

There are 7 ladies behind this bride’s stress free smile and we admire the bridesmaids for their help and support to the pretty bride.

Those kisses mean a lot more than friendship. Every bridesmaid loves the bride like her own sister and is ready to do anything to keep the upbeat.

These bridesmaids are indeed friends like family! You know they’ve got the brides back and are willing to do their best to keep the bride content.

How cute are the two tiny tots supporting the bride? We love the off-beat subtle gray dresses of the bride’s squad.