Boutique of The Month! - December'15

It's quite a struggle for Christian brides who prefer Saree over Gowns. Why? Lack of variteies and creative stuff with while sarees. Some of them want it trendier and obviously with more designs, a shade of off-white may be and a whole lot of special made just for her, sort of a wedding outfit. Still hunting for those kinds of places? You may want to stop and listen! Featuring as Boutique of The Month, we have Kavani, an exclusive Christian White Bridal Saree store. No, they don't make you wear one of those blue-ish sad whites. Kavani is known to have trendy and amazing designs on White Bridal Sarees, which is made just for her, so she feels like a star on her Big Day! received_1654188371502909 The label Kavani represents the Saree designed by Mrs Tan Kuruvilla and her mother Mrs Laila C.Kuruvilla. Its known as the first exclusive Christian bridal saree store in India. Tan Kuruvilla, an engineering graduate had her roots in design, arts and creative works. She has always impressed her friends and family with her creative skills in painting and stitching at a very young age. She credits the skill she has developed to her maternal grandmother who gave her the basic training. A Short stint at a MNC in Chennai after her graduation groomed her to be a true professional. received_1654188354836244 To us, fashion is about making choices on what suits you best and how good you are to carry it off. I feel if you could carry off well a dress of 80's now, then you are the trend setter of today. received_1654188294836250 We are currently in Kottayam. People in Kottayam always look for latest trends. People in Kottayam look for elegant, neat and classy work. They prefer more of handwork, Cutwork, thread work, bead work and colours which are subtle and rich rather than bright colours and known for using pure silks like Tessar, raw silk etc.


We also have lot of customers coming from cochin and all over Kerala who look for these elements. People in Kottayam have a really good knowledge about materials and they themselves are creative and have a clear idea on what they want. received_1654179284837151 It's quite interesting how all of this began. Disenchantment by the limited variety of Wedding sarees in stores, Tan had to design her trousseau. What started as a need later became a passion for her and she chose to embark on Kavani - The White Wedding Saree Studio. Every piece of work is created in her own creativity and expertise. received_1654188214836258 The duo has been delivering customized bridal sarees since 2012 by working from home. The bridal saree store was launched on 1st January 2014 in Kanjikuzhy, Kottayam. It's an exclusive store for Christian white Bridal sarees. received_1654188191502927 We believe our brides are our celebrities as they spread word about our work. On a wedding day, it's the bride who is the shining star. Apart from it, we have designed costume for Catherine on her engagement, who is getting married to singer Benny Dayal. received_1654188251502921 Actress Ann Augustine wore one of our designed pieces of Kerala Saree for an award night.


We specialise in Christian bridal sarees. So we claim ourselves to be the first people to know on what's trending in material and stuffs in whites and off white. What you get from us cannot be seen anywhere within a span of year or two. We have suppliers from all over India and we do import a lot of materials.


  Our store is known as first exclusive Christian bridal saree store in India where we keep on updating the stock with the current trend. received_1654188198169593 received_1654188158169597                                  Now, is a time where you can get whatever you like in your fingertips. So go for the best outfit that suits you. A gentle advice to bride- to-be, don't fall for the pictures you get from Internet. Think what's good for you and take your designers feedback. Believe in them and you are going to look the best for your day. received_1654188174836262 received_1654188144836265   FB: