Our Top 6 Highly Viewed Engagement Stories of 2016 Are Here!

Our Top 6 Highly Viewed Engagement Stories of 2016 Are Here!

Engagement is the function when the bride and the groom make it official to one and all that they have chosen each other to be their partner. But more than that, it is the first time families from both sides meet and greet each other. It’s a prelude to a lovely wedding and a lovelier life ahead! Here are our Top 7 most viewed Engagement Stories of 2016!

Leelu and Pavan

This love story is nothing short of a Bollywood movie. The Boy meets the girl at his sister's wedding, and she turns out to be his sister's colleague and friend. Leelu is an artistic soul who designed her own outfits for all the events. The blouse has an interesting story though, as it is inspired by the motifs on the two golden ornaments that her grandmother gifted her with.  You can read her entire engagement story Here

Janani and Harish

Janani, a fashion designer from Chennai met Harish 12 years back, when they were both in their 9th grade. The love story culminated into a beautiful engagement. For the engagement at The Leela Palace, Janani made sure she had the best of everything - right from her outfits to her choice of vendors. Know all about her choice of vendors Here

Deepika and Achu

This story is about a lawyer getting engaged to a documentary photographer. They had Yellow and Orange Marigold with Yellow lighting as the backdrop decor. The trending parrot motif made out of palm leaves was also a part of the decor.     

Keeping up with the tradition, Deepika wore a Violet Kanchipuram saree for her engagement entry and changed into a Pink Kanchipuram which her in-laws gifted her for the engagement. Not to forget the beautifully complimenting blouse with dazzling bejewelled embellishments. You can read her story Here.

Sheethal and Harsha

A teenage crush that lead into a cute relationship and has finally resulted into a sappy engagement.  Sheethal wore the shocking pink and orange lehenga with a golden blouse in a half sari style that looked the best in pictures for the first half of the engagement. For the second half of the function, she wore a peachy pink silk sari with a contrast yellow raw silk blouse. You can read all her engagement details Here.  

Swathi and Ashwanth

Swathi is the famous designer and the person behind Studio 149, Chennai. Her Fiance, Ashwanth is an orthopaedic surgeon based in the UK.  Just like any designer, her love for well-made clothes made sure that she herself designed her bridesmaids' clothes and her clothes for her engagement. Click Here to know how they met and the rest of their engagement details. 

Sharanya and Krish

Sharanya is the eldest in her family of 5 sisters. For the engagement, all her sisters decided to have an engagement Mehendi ceremony. It was a small get together for her sisters. They had a cute budgeted décor that cost them hardly INR 3500. All they had to do was to buy the materials and arrange them! Curious to know more? Click Here to know more.