Our Top Favourite Pick On Shopzters Fashionistas In 2017

Our Top Favourite Pick On Shopzters Fashionistas In 2017

Fashionistas don't just gain the title. They are the ones who lived and loved it. Here are our picks of favourite brides who totally deserve the title, being a fashionista in and out! These brides have sported fashion like never before and have made us all bookmark our phones and screenshot their wedding attires to be inspired by. They have not just been a style statement but also a way all of us should learn from to carry ourselves on our big day.

Here are our favourite brides of 2017 and their valuable insights, the most beautiful brides cum fashion icons of Shopzters'.



I am a person who likes to dress up in a unique way and I always prefer standing out in the crowd.

For my passion, my sis Sandhya gave me wings to fly.

When some events come up, we both sit across and create great outfits as per the trend.


When it comes to my wedding outfits, my muhurtham blouse was made up with pure silver coins plated with Gold!

Which was a great theme for my Jewellery.!

The idea of using kaasu and lakshmi pendants on my blouse was one of a kind and we were the first to introduce kasu blouse and that’s a great feeling. 

There were 10 events in my wedding and I experimented 10 different outfits which was absolutely stunning!

And I have a passion to introduce as many different saree draping styles as possible 

Till now, I have introduced 20 different saree draping techniques which has also gone viral.

Tips for brides - Do plan earlier when it comes to clothes and jewellery.

Sit with the designer and always try something new instead of going for the same old designs which are already there in the market .

Instead of wearing a normal blouse , try different patterns like wearing a long jacket or a half jacket one.

Shopzters is the best wedding site to get lot of ideas for to all the brides-to-be.


"Why I like to dress up, this way?", is a rather loaded question; is there a girl in this world who doesn't like to look good? So same goes with me. 

The right question would be, "How I'm able to"?

I believe I have a keen eye for couture, and see every clothing or accessory as a play on colours. It seems like an instinct nowadays, something that naturally comes to me.

This is not isolated to any style in particular. 

While in India, I'm into traditional Indian style and while I'm back home in Canada, I'm into western clothing.

This ability to switch helps, as people consult me often to pick out their clothes.

Nonetheless, my favourite attire would be traditional South Indian Pattu (silk) saree; and this season's favourites would be open half shoulder.

Thanks to you for publishing my pics and picking me out from the crowd.


Not to mention how this helps and encourages me to stay on top of latest trends in fashion.

I'm waiting to be published again in 2018.



She happens to follow a whole lot of trend and fashion tailored together. Ditching the usual, cliched, stereotypical blouses, Rupamani always makes it a point to wear the unusual, trendy yet chic attires. She has never failed to experiment with different styles and clothing techniques to wow us all each and every time she climbs the ladder of fashion.