Photography Of The Month! – December’15

Photography Of The Month! – December’15

Shopzters is glad to have connected with the lovely and awesomely talented husband and wife duo Ashwin Mishra and Jhalak Singhal, who own and manage one of India's favorite Wedding Photography Company Shades! With Colors and Emotions as their important drives, these couple are one of the first few Photographers who came up with Pre-Wedding Shoot concepts. They have also done few Celebrity Weddings. Specializing with Candid, Creative, Pre and Post Wedding Photography, Ashwin and Jhalak are giving Shades a whole new Photography trend statement as a synonym.


We are a team of two. My Wife Jhalak and I started to venture our passion towards�Photography just about two and a half years back. Graduating from Vancouver Film School and having worked with Film-Making, it was an easy slide falling in love with Photography for me. Jhalak is into art and painting. She is the creative brain, I'm the tech oriented brain and that's how we complement each other perfectly. All of our processes while creating our projects are done by the both of us at home.


Our passion for photography was put into action around 2001 - 2002. The frames that totally caught my attention while at Film School, and my interest in animations and other factors on movie screens motivated me to follow my passion with learning to frame, to balance concepts and colors in Photography.


What Jhalak and I started off as a Travel Photography page, something close to our hearts, grew to become India's favorite Wedding Photography page. It all started with an experiment we tried of doing a Wedding Photography project at one of our friend's wedding! Yes, that's how Shades came to the scene!


We are proud to say that the love and support that our friends showed towards our Wedding Photography project pushed us to try new concepts. We were one of the first few to come up with Pre-Wedding Shoot concepts. We started out with other Weddings in and around Delhi/Mumbai and then we started getting invites to do some International projects.


We specialize on what our clients love about us, the Post-Processing of the Photography we do. We believe that one shot is always composed of 60% of framing the concept of our shot and 40% of post-processing (editing). We strive at being spontaneous with our frames.


Generally in situations and events like weddings, nothing is under control, but trying to frame moments as those are the best way to get better with Photography. It is important for Photographers to know how to be spontaneous. If they are doing some Wedding Shoots, they should be able to judge the emotions that suddenly pop up and get them shot, all this done forms 60% of the frame. The rest depends on how well the post-processing is done. This is where Jhalak plays the key role as she is artistic and knows her way with colors while Tech related stuff are my highs.


Moreover, these days the way people respond to Photographers at a Wedding, knowing the importance of the memories we help them frame forever, is very encouraging and pushes us to do unique and creative stories! The Bride and the Groom who take Photography seriously and help us create the best out of their Big Day, are sure a delight to work with.


To be honest money is not our criteria. An artist doesn't put money as a preference. For us,all that matters is the relationship and bond that we build with our clients. Given a free space at weddings, we make sure the family also enjoys our sessions. As long as the families of the couple understand that the moments we try to capture are precious and are going to remain with the couple always is what we appreciate.


Before getting into Candid Photography, I must tell that Conventional Photography is very important at an Indian Wedding too. Our Indian Weddings have beautiful Traditions and customs during a Wedding Ceremony. At those points a Candid Photographer would get about a handful shots while a Conventional Photographer would get like a 200 solid shots. Quantity however is the matter. One should understand where Conventional Photography ends and Candid Photography begins.


Candid Shots are very special. A Candid Photographer usually is required to stay hidden while working on his frames. Let me put it this way, Candid Photography is capturing emotions without telling people. The reason being, if the bride/groom knows that they are being clicked, they get conscious, and the shot becomes very usual. Bringing out raw emotions and balancing them out on the frame is the most beautiful thing about Candid Photography.


We as a team are highly inspired by Colors, Lights and Emotions! We fall in love with Kanchipuram colors at a South-Indian Wedding every single time! The emotional journey that the Bride, the Groom and their parents are on instantly grabs our attention at every wedding.


The International Photo Community that I am a part of is my personal inspiration. When I see how well they capture weddings abroad that mostly just have lesser custom than an Indian Wedding, it drives me every time to push my limits to frame emotions and customs much better than the best.