Small Touches To Increase The Guests Comfort!

Small Touches To Increase The Guests Comfort!

Indian Weddings are elaborate (this is an understatement) and super fun (this is so true) to attend. If you’re getting ready for your big day, you might’ve taken care of all the big stuff like the venue, photographer, music, food and so on. But, the tiniest details that you take care of are the reason behind the success of your wedding. Ensuring the complete comfort and satisfaction of your guests (viruntinar) is a critical aspect of organizing a successful wedding.

Here are a few small touches that can leave your wedding memorable for many years to come.

Welcome Bags

Many of the guests come from other towns, cities, and even, countries. While you have probably taken care of the room and food arrangements, a little welcome bag will definitely ease your guest’s exhaustion, while making you look like ‘L'élégant’! A small welcome bag with the necessary knick knacks, a few snacks, drinks and something special like a box of chocolates with a personalized card for them – if that wont impress them what would?

Comfort is Key

South Indians are known for having elaborate weddings with a number of guests. Considering the duration of the processions, it’s preferable if you have comfortable seating. A plush lounge chair with ample leg room is a wonderful touch for your guests. Whether you have your weddings indoors or outdoors, try to maintain the temperature so that none of your guests are left scrambling for sweaters or fresh air.

Something for the Little Ones

All of them come to enjoy the wedding and show off their dance moves on the beats of Salsa and Zumba! But how can they when their little ones won’t let them have any of the fun if they aren’t kept busy. Adding some fun activities for the little children is a great idea – at last the women can unwind, loosen up and have some fun of their own!

Hire Transportation

‘Indian Weddings’ = ‘Number Of Events’, and if you prefer having them at separate venues, then you need to make transportation arrangements. Many guests who have come from faraway places don’t have a vehicle at their disposal. Providing transport will not only make it more fun for the guests to mingle with each other but they will also appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Dancing Shoes

A wedding without a couple of traditional performances – Don’t think so! Sangeet and cocktail ceremonies are a commonplace these days. The dress shoes that your guests come in aren’t really made for dancing. Arrange some dancing shoes for everyone or a dance floor where they can dance barefoot comfortably.

Thank You Gifts

There’s nothing better than sending your guests home with a little goodie hamper. Give them something that will remind them of your wedding. A small hamper or a little goodie bag with personalized gifts. A simple “Thank you for coming” note can covey a heartfelt appreciation for their presence.

PC - Giftag
PC - Giftag

Closing Thoughts

Your wedding day is the most special day in your life. It is in your hands to make it special for all your guests as well. These little touches can spruce up your wedding and make it an affair worth remembering for your guests.