The Best Of 2019 - 25 Décors That Wowed Us This Year!

The Best Of 2019 - 25 Décors That Wowed Us This Year!

Décor is an integral part of any wedding. Décor helps to set the mood and atmosphere for any event. Here are the best loved décor trends that broke the internet.

Roses always symbolize love. What better flower than strands of hanging red roses against a pretty backdrop to serve as background for your big day?

This décor looks like a scene from an enchanted garden. We LOVE the red flowers hanging from the ceiling. The chandeliers add a magical touch to the stage.

Who want to get married in a palace when the trend is to get married in a stage set like a palace? It is the perfect end to your fairy tale love story.

We love the lily pond set in front of the stage. It is such a unique and breathtaking décor element that one can have on their big day.

Flower canopies is the most loved décor trend this year. Here are the most beautiful flower canopies strung intricately and hung on the ceilings with utmost care. We love how the fragrant jasmine is used in every one of these photos and this is the trend we would love to see carrying on next wedding season. It looks majestic and elegant!

The hanging lily garlands with brass lotuses are classy and graceful. We love how it works best with the subtle motif printed backdrop.

The traditional mandapam made with coconut leaves is eye catchy and complements the hanging flower decors, making the stage look splendid!

This is the most understated yet classy décor we have come across this year. The simple green backdrop with the beautiful hanging flowers lets us focus on the wedding party rather than the other elements.

Marigolds exuberate festivity and cheer. What better flower to use on your big day than the beautiful yellow/orange marigolds? These flowers look lovely with white or on their own. We love how the use of marigold has been an age old practice while decorating for a wedding. We wish this trend to grow and spread joy in the future weddings too.

We can’t get enough of the cloth ceiling they have used in this décor. The marigolds add the special touch to the already magnificent décor.

Up votes to the flower covered tree and the use of lamps in it. The décor is delightful and will serve as a backdrop to many selfies that are clicked during weddings.

There is something peaceful and divine when religious marks and symbols are used in a wedding backdrop. We love how the namam is decorated with flowers making them look majestic and holy. This is the perfect way to include spirituality in your wedding décor.

The rose background made with white flower looks exquisite and we love the flower pillars used in this wedding stage.

The bold choice of bright green serves as a beautiful background to the floral tree and the hanging garlands. We adore this out-of-the-box idea!

Lotus is synonymous with beauty and we love how the best elements of décor such as the ceiling cloths, perfect set and a deity background are all incorporated in a single stage.

The multicolor mandap with carnations and the lotus setting in the floor make this wedding décor look enchanting and colourful.

The red roses background with the checked white flower arrangement looks picturesque and grand.