This Margazhi Season, Embrace The Essence Of Authentic Carnatic Music

This Margazhi Season, Embrace The Essence Of Authentic Carnatic Music

@palam-silks# has always been a patron of upholding and embracing the honour of South indian art and culture. Initiating the most affluent Margazhi season in 2015 and with such precision, they are back again this year with a collection named as "Concert Collections". By inculcating the Katchery tradition and specifically weaving a design that music patrons can wear to sabhas, they've woven a scene of a katchery with musicians seated across the stage with the instruments during their performance. Creating the very same visual explananda of the stage as seen by the audience, Palam silks have done their part in recognizing all the music lovers who have kept this tradition alive for decades. This collection also carries folklore musicians with all unique and rare musical instruments in the design palette. 

These pure Kanchipuram silk sarees seem to have a plain body with a rich pallu carrying the scene of musicians performing on the pallu. This design is put together with zari and silk thread work and is absolutely a'muse'ing.

Here the body is woven in deep purple with the pallu in aqua green and the pallu carries exquisite twin shaped evens in the form of peacocks. A unique instrument that is a rare find.


Here you can see the pallu is a rich sky blue kept plain and the pallu of the saree carries intricate zari weaving of carnatic musicians performing and the harmonium is specifically woven in blue silk threads. 

The saree is woven in turquoise green with a stark black pallu and on the border of the saree carries a box bhutta of folklore drummers performing in a street theatre. 

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