Top 5 Rental Jewellery Shops in Chennai!

Top 5 Rental Jewellery Shops in Chennai!

Giving cost efficient Jewelry Rentals some thoughts? We came across some of the best Jewelry rentals that are equally as good as the ones you decide to own. Time and again we have had brides asking us for some suggestions on jewelry rentals.

Sagunthala Jewllers 3

Not always is it wise for bride to invest on a whole bunch of jewelry set during all the wedding gallata. Hence we fished out some Jewelry rentals that happen to have trendy, traditional and exclusive collections for rentals. No kidding! You might have just made the right decision by deciding to drop by at these Jewelry shops. Comment below if you need more details or if you can help our To-Be-Brides with more 'Rental Jewelry' suggestions and we'll add it to the list!

SRI SWARNA PRABHU JEWELLERY Situated right along the busy streets of Mylapore, Sri Swarna Prabhu Jewellery is among the best first few stops for Rental Jewelry. Rendering best services and easy online renting options for the brides, this jewelry shop is sure to change your view of a 'Jewelry Rental'. Offering trending designs and huge collection of Bridal and Traditional jewelry, a rental is truly the best thing a bride could opt for.

Swarna Prabhu

Mr. Prabhu the owner says, Our shop specializes in mix and match jewellery. We go to such an extent in customizing the jewellery that ear drops are converted into vanki and pendants into harams! You name any variety of jewellery, you are sure to get it here.

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SAGUNTHALA JEWELLERS Sagunthala Jewellers are a renowned bridal rental jewelry shop in the heart of Mylapore . They have been in the business of jewelry making for more than 18 years now. It is great to see how the employees enthusiastically and cheerfully help with choosing bridal jewellery. Their kind and patient customer services motivate young brides to carefully choose from the amazing collections they have.

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SWARNAM JEWELLERY A google search for rental jewelry lead us to this shop situated in Mylapore and turned out to be a shopper's delight. Swarnam Jewellery is a one stop destination for your bridal jewelry, bridal blouses and customized salwar sets. 2015-11-24 Expect a grand welcome at the entrance, by a set of neatly stitched designer blouses that are hanging elegantly in the wardrobe. As you secretly wish that the shop keeper allows you to try all these bespoke ones, you are yet again stunned by the elegant pieces of bridal jewellery that they show to you and then the salwar sets that are available right there. The stuff is pretty good and they encourage you to try on and then decide on the jewellery that you would want to rent for your Big Day.

S K JEWELLERY The S K Jewellery, situated in the shopping hub of pondy bazaar has been in jewelry business for about 25 years. The rising cost of gold jewelry has made people look for alternative options to look special on their Wedding Day. We have antique jewelry, kundan jewelry, zircon sets and more says Basit of S K Jewellery.

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They have a way with good collection of matching bangles, matching jewelry and gold covering bangles as well. Temple jewelry, Zircon jewelry sets and Kundan jewelry that can be coordinated with your sarees are all available right here. A change of designs in their collection is just to make sure that the brides will not feel the repetition of jwellery and also have access to unique pieces of jewelry that can stand-out among others.

SUN GOLD COVERING As on of the leading Jewellery experts, Sun Gold Covering has been reaching out to many parts of the world with jewellery exports and rentals. Talk about fashion, party accessories, antique and traditional jewellery worked on with efficiency, Sun Gold has it all covered. Extreme customer satisfaction has in fact helped them reach heights. You're in for pleasant surprises and 'awe's approaching these Jewellers. c