Wedding Videos Now Come With A Filmy Zing, And We Love It!

Wedding Videos Now Come With A Filmy Zing, And We Love It!

A coy, blushing bride, dressed in authentic red sari, walking towards her groom with her gaze low – Is that how you imagine a wedding video? Well. The modern Indian bride says NO MORE!

Bid farewell to the days when wedding videos began with predictable, rehearsed and often forced pictures of the couple. The monotonous trend of dreary videos is soon to breathe its last breath!

What’s the alternative? Today, the Indian wedding industry has become larger than life with the bride and groom splurging extravagantly on everything and especially on preserving their most precious memories by getting a Filmy-Ishtyle wedding video.

Let’s turn through the pages of Actress Shilpa bala’s Wedding video by Coconut  Wedding Cinemas and learn how to give your wedding video some filmy masala!

Shaking a leg with her besties, Shilpa goes full-on DDLJ style a day before getting hitched.

Look at the bride and groom, glowing like two dazzling stars on a moonless night!

Forget about the baratis ruling the wedding video, this bride owns the dance floor and she sure got the moves to prove it!

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After Shilpa, we have our Sun Music VJ Diya Menon rocking her Reception video shot by Iswarya Photos with Karthik! Set at the lawn in the popular destination – Jennys’ Club at Coimbatore, the setting was ready for an awesome Wedding Video!

You cannot have a gorgeous lady and not shoot an outdoor sequence!

Costume change and get the bride twirling around amidst all the nature! Very filmy indeed!

When you have got equally filmy friends, you have got to have a group dance done at your Reception!



Finish the beautiful celebration with a flower shower! With the bride and groom lost in each other’s eyes, there could not have been a sweeter ending!

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Before we go:

If your big date is just around the corner, you must take some inspiration form these love birds and discuss your wedding video plot with your cinematographer. After all, it is the biggest day of your life and you simply can’t leave a single stone unturned!