5 Tips To Look Picture Perfect In Your Wedding Pictures

5 Tips To Look Picture Perfect In Your Wedding Pictures

Your pictures from the special day will live forever, they'll be passed on to your relatives and your children. So as a bride, you can't afford to go wrong with your make-up. We have five simple tips that'll prepare you to look picture perfect. Whether it's a selfie, a family photo or a candid shot, a bride must be ready to face it all.

1. Colour your neck Now we know that most of the brides hire professional make-up artists to do their make-up. But there is one common mistake that is often made, the neck and the face end up being different shades, since most make-up artists do not pay attention to the neck. So make sure that your neck too is lightly dabbed and concealed so it matches the tone of your face after the make-up has been applied and doesn't look obvious in the pictures.


2. Invest in a good concealer and primer Camera is a girl's best friend and yet her worst enemy, it highlights all her flaws. The most important part of your make-up on your wedding day has to be your base. Your concealer and primer need to be spread and settled properly. However, don't overdo it, your make-up should look like your second skin. It's your wedding day so invest in a good primer from Mac or Lakme, according to your budget.


3. Keep powdering your nose Indian weddings are either out in the open or by the fire because of our tradition. So every bride is bound to sweat, which will create a shiny sheet over your make-up and look bad on camera. So hand one of your bridesmaids your face powder and ask her to touch your skin up every 20-30 minutes, this will hide the sweat and fool the camera.


4. Highlight your features Don't hold back on the blush because itll look good in pictures. If you have fair skin then opt for a deep pink and if you have dusky skin then a cherry red will look best. Also highlight your eyes, use a pair of light fake eye lashes and put on a thick eye liner. The blush will give your face the shape and dark eyes will highlight your features.


5. Good old Gold Add a little shimmer to your make-up with a bronzer along your cheekbones. But if you have a skin tone which looks over done with bronzer then avoid it altogether. Instead shift the gold to your eye shadow. Keep the gold to a minimum by applying it across your eyelids. It'll give your face a glossy look and give it the illusion of a glow in pictures.