7 Super-Versatile Blouses You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe!

7 Super-Versatile Blouses You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe!

Bridal fashion is an ever-changing trend! One season we are all about flaunting our puffed sleeves and another, we are all about them full sleeve looks! This trend is observed right from what our heroines flaunt on the screen to what our celebrities wear to their glamorous do's! Today, we are all about embracing trends of the past and the future and that is exactly what the uber-fashion savvy folks at @sattvikee-bridal-boutique# do! They love marrying yesteryear trends with new trends that are finding their way into the market now. Scroll down to check out some of their best collection of blouses!


Hot tomato red is a super versatile colour and goes with a lot of our sarees thanks to how ubiquitous it is. We like this intricate Indian style embroidery featuring the peacock and floral designs. It's like a beautiful mehendi on your sleeves!



We love this dual-toned blouse featuring mellow mustard and a complimentary maroon shade with an underlying red threadwork unifying the look! The checked pattern make the blouse stand out and we really like this unique creation. Notice the tiny beads running throughout the blouse? We love!


We love blouses where we can see the texture explicitly and even more when it's yellow and has mirror-work! This gorgeous blouse looks like something that's straight out of a Rajputani palace in Rajasthan! We are loving how neatly the mirror work is patched onto the blouse on both the neck and the sleeves. And have you seen the diamond-shaped back? We cannot peel our eyes away from it. It's absolutely gorgeous!


This gold blouse with its intricate embroidery is what you need to amp up your saree to that of a designer look. The right tinge of orange colour spruces up the outfit and we love the finished look. The zip in the front makes it hassle-free and easy to wear! Love when fashion is just as functional as it is aesthetic.


This green-hued blouse is a lovely peacock themed beauty! It has beautiful embroidery running all throughout the blouse with a central gold Lakshmi embellishment. Wouldn't this just be lovely with a red or orange saree? What do you guys think?


This hot orange is just screaming DRAMA! We love the glitter factor in this outfit with all the sequin work. The deep turquoise blue wonderfully offsets the bright orange to create a contrast.


This high necked-blouse is just that note of high fashion we all need in our closets. The sheer net against the silk textured fabric is stunning. We love how this blouse plays a little peek-a-boo with just a tad bit of skin showing through. Oooh and how can we forget the sheer back? This sure is bringing sexy back!