7 Wedding Themes From Vivahhika To Make Your Big Day Look Merrier!

7 Wedding Themes From Vivahhika To Make Your Big Day Look Merrier!

Decorations, like every other part of a wedding serve a very particular place and cause. Decorations are the most unique and important part of all weddings that make or break your big day. Any wedding that had a pathetic decoration has never been remembered or even spoke of twice. Whereas a wedding with amusing decorations have always been the talk of the town. Giving us all once such goal is @vivahhika# for you. We have always been exclaiming with joy about how alluring all their décor ideas are. With yet another set of curated craftsmanship, Shopzters is here again to hint you on different thematic décor ideas for your big day.


CORAL GLORY – Having incorporated a myriad of unusual and exotic flowers, and by turning a barren land into something exquisite, in the end it sure was worth it all.

Telugu wedding stage decoration

Telugu wedding decorations

Telugu floral wedding decorations

telugu floral wedding decorations

Telugu wedding decorations


FLORAL REVERIE – Innovative designs, splendid colour schemes, fantastic craftsmanship and mind-blowing art. This one has it all!


OF ELEPHANTS AND ELEGANCE – Mighty elephants symbolizing strength, wisdom and harmony, creating one of the most exuberant of set designs for true lovers of art and architecture is not an easy task. 


LOTUS LUSTRE – The main décor element being the lotus flower and not to forget the charm and magnificence it always offers, Lotus lustre is a true delight! 


PINK PLUSH – When sheer creativity and radiant flowers get along, it is nothing but a surreal wedding experience.  


DOME DURBAR – Transforming plain and barren lands into the most royale of atmospheres with rich colours, imperial elements and magnificent domes. Well, that is quite a task!  


RAINFOREST – An enchanting affair, rainforest serves the purpose of breaking all clichés of conventional set designs and having an alluring and a fantasizing environment to be wed under.