A Beautiful Bride And Her Most Unique And Versatile Set Of Outfits!

A Beautiful Bride And Her Most Unique And Versatile Set Of Outfits!

Brides and their craze for opulent outfits never ceases. It’s their one big day and they want to look all fine and there should absolutely be no compromise about that, not one bit! With bride’s wanting to make themselves unique, here is one such bride who slayed the show with her collection of outfits. Meet Vyshaka! Her different style of outfits and the colours she’s chosen should probably deserve an applause. Not to forget mentioning her care-free way of flaunting all these outfits at ease and with so much style and attitude. With such beautiful photos shot by @minchu#, this bride is sure to give you major fashion goals! 


This choice of saree has been the most unique part of the wedding. Yellows and reds go so well, we all know that. How to make it look even more unique? Well, we believe you should take hints from this beautiful bride here. A simple yet grand saree with a heavily worked blouse. That is how a bride’s outfit on her big day ought to look like. The choice of jewelry too, right from her nethichutti till her oddiyanam, top notch!


This one’s for the ones who would want to take up the “chic with so much sass” look. These kind of crop tops and high waist skirts let you dance all the way out. One of the most comfortable outfits, as claimed by most brides, this one is a sure show stopper. The combination of the shade of reddish pink with silver threads and a border worked dupatta is a very go-to choice and nothing can go wrong with that.


This lehenga needs a special mention. Adding a twist to the usual lehengas we’ve seen, this one’s got a unique way of tailoring things. Again, with a crop top and a high waist skirt, a heavy work embroidery technique of floral vines in a single shade and the neck with a unique cut. The embroidery in this outfit is heavily shimmery and doesn’t look too much at the same time. The bride with her minimal jewelry and lots of bangles completes this look along with her beautiful smile, don’t you think?


This dress is very simple and very comfortable to even look at in the first place. Seems like the bride took this costume with such poise and ease. A sleeve less blouse with minute details and embroideries all over, with a dotted yellow dupatta and a plain yellow skirt. This outfit looks so simple but just look at how this bride flaunted it. The floral jewelry to set the mood. Don’t you already want to be a part of this wedding?