Our Bride Savitha Reddy And Her 9 Different Blouses

Our Bride Savitha Reddy And Her 9 Different Blouses

A lot of thought goes behind designing a wedding trousseau. It is one of the most important days in a bride’s life, and whatever she wears, is very dear and holds a lot of sentimental value. Now match all of this with some super rocking clothes, and you have got a party in your hands! We recently covered Savitha’s Wedding Story, and what beautiful blouses that beauty wore! We were mesmerized by them and so wanted all the details about them!

Her sister Sandhya who is the founder of ‘@the-silhouettes-boutique#' was the creative head behind all the gorgeous blouses! We had the chance to catch up with her and get her thoughts on how she designed, and our favourite bits!

Hello Sandhya, we loved your designs! Thank you for taking out the time. What were your thoughts before you started designing her blouses?

I wanted to try something different. Something that was unique. We always have been using very few ways of draping the Saree, it’s always been over the blouse. I thought, why not mix that up. Why can’t the blouse be over the Saree, why can’t the saree have a jacket? Stuff like that.

We especially loved her Muhurtham blouse, she said a lot of work went behind it. Could you please tell us about that?

Since a Muhurtham blouse is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of a deal, I wanted it to be unique. She wanted the blouse to match her Saree. So we went and used actual jewellery on them. I got ‘Naksh’ and got it stitched onto her blouse. All the coins that you see are actually silver coins that are dipped in Gold.

So how many blouses did you design for her? The Saree and the reception blouse only?

No, I designed for most of her pre and post wedding functions as well. The actualy wedding might be for a single day, but the bride and the groom have a lot of small functions before and after that. I did a floral blouse for her Mehndi too. Actually, I did her blouses right from the Ponnu Paakara Function, which is the first time the boy’s side come and see the bride at her house, to the function where she went to the grooms house as his bride after her wedding! I even designed the Lehenga she wore before her engagement.

So that was Sandhya, giving us a little in on how she wanted to design. For all those wondering what Saree’s they were, well, as you have guessed, most of them were Kanjeevarams. Some were Ikkat Sarees as well. We were so clown away by the designs. Apart from the Muhurtham Saree, we especially loved the Half Cape blouse and the One-Sided Pink jacket. For all those wondering the Green blouse, where the Saree goes from underneath, it’s a belt! So have a look at these pictures and do not forget to comment out your favourite look!

This contrasting full sleeved blue blouse is beautiful, and we love the cut in the back too! One must note how one end of the blouse is looped behind her finger, like an extended ring- bracelet!

Pink and Yellow is as classic as it can get! But what we love about this look is how the Saree is draped, and the usage of a waist chain on top of the Saree, more like a belt. 

This one has many things to like, one is the style of the blouse itself. The half cape style is something we have not seen before! The next are those earrings. W.o.W!  


Personally, this is my favorite look! It is simple, but unique! That single sleeved jacket can be used for a lot of Sarees!  

Ooh! This is a grand one! One might wonder the mechanics of this dress, but Sandhya let us in on the secret. What she is wearing around her waist is not an extension of the blouse, but a belt! And What a belt!!  

This is smart designing! How she's made a crop top and skirt into a lehenga of sorts! This is very fresh and unique!  

A long jacket with a Saree? Will it work? You might think, Yes it does, this shows!  

Now who doesn't like a blouse with a transparent back! This one is simple yet utterly feminine!   

This is where the Saree actually plays peek-a-boo with the blouse! It goes inside and comes out! And we love the belt and the back!