From Sketches To Dresses! The Journey Of Every Beautiful Dress!

From Sketches To Dresses! The Journey Of Every Beautiful Dress!

We have wondered when we look at clothes, pretty clothes, beautifully feminine clothes, about how the designer thought through the look. Did they decide on the colour palette also, or just did a rough sketch. What about the jewellery? Is that covered in the sketch too? What about the hairstyle to complement the look? Well, we asked the designers at Shilpa Reddy and got some answers! Only, the answers were in the form of sketches! Sketches to Dresses! And we just got so marvelled! We had to share these images with you, and our take on what we liked best on every look!

Lime Green and Soft Pink
High low tops are a crowd favourite! They have that abundance of pleats that give it a very feminine and flowy look. Here, in the sketch, we can see that all the work is on the top, a beautiful embroidered bust and a flow slope down the waistline. The maangtika is bang on!


Leaf Green and Ice Blue
One look at the sketch, and we can see that this one is going to be royal! With a sexy blouse and a gorgeous full skirt, this Lehenga is to-die-for and will be welcome in any woman’s wardrobe! The hairdo is matched as per the one in the sketch. Ringlets on the sides suit this look best and it’s proven thanks to the final look!

Honey Coloured Fishtail
The first thing that struck us when we had a look at this was the colour. The pale yellow, like fresh honey, is an excellent colour! The fishtail skirt is very dramatic, thanks to the body hugging cut from the hips to the knees and the huge flare. The jacket complements the skirt, but what we feel best suits this look is the centre parted hairstyle. Adds an aura of power to the entire look!

Creamy Orange and Pink
This look ticks the boxes of a high low top and an elbow length sleeve. Both of which are current favourites! With all the embroidery work concentrated on the bust area, the rest of the dress is left free, thereby making it very youthful! We all know that pink and peach go well together! They flow from one to another; it’s a natural course, so the shawl is the perfect match for this one!

Bright Olive Green and Pale Pink
This look has a lot of spunk! It’s for the saree type skirt, which is draped over one shoulder, but it actually is short enough to permit a beautiful pleated pant. The long sleeved blouse adds to the quirkiness of this look and the Jewellery just takes it up a notch. As the work is a little less compared to the other looks, the jewellery is a little more, but also very edgy.

Soft Peach Cape Gown
Capes are so in! We can see them being used everywhere, from kurti’s to long gowns. They are the epitome of princess-y looks! There is something very attractive about them, just makes one want to flounce about! This design is pretty smart, with embroidery present on the bust side of the cape making the rest jut flow from the top. This modern dress is complemented by traditional jewellery, and it somehow looks perfect!