From The Skillful Artist Herself- Meenal Momaya on Make-Up Trends 2016

From The Skillful Artist Herself- Meenal Momaya on Make-Up Trends 2016

Shopzters has been running along the lines of getting the best Trend of 2016 for our Brides-To-Be this season. We are so privileged to have the most talented Meenal Momaya who is also one of the Celebrity Favorites, help us with views on Make-Up trends that have been quite the buzz in town for the brides starting 2016. Here's what Meenal Momaya had to say! Don't miss out on this!



What kind of make-up is starting to trend this 2016?

Make-up Trends this season is all about creating a crank-out look, both for casual days and special night outs. The trend is either a minimalist dewy make-up finish with ultra-high definition or a sculpted bold look, with lots of vibrant colors and sparkle.

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What sort of eye make-up should brides try out for this season?

Make a statement! Whether it's about show stopping eye make-up options or a creative takes on the Bridal look.


Brides who like the 'no make-up' look, should they try something new? A new make-up trend?

Talking about eyes, eye-shadows are paired with a complimentary shimmer and a matte-shadow, so the combination is endless to try and to bring it to new heights with smoky eyes, winged liners, exotic rainbow eye make-up with lots of glamour, heavy pencil and mascara.

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Something about the lip-shades that brides are going in for now?

Colors form the palette like black, white and sophisticated blues show its own versatility warmth and texture when applied.

The key to keeping it fresh and young is to pair up a perfect pout with scrubbed skin for your lip. Let your lip do all the talking in vibrant shades of Crimson Pink-Orange and Oxblood. Matte lips with shades of Plum and Berry are great too.

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Your advice to the Brides who are looking out for some trendy make-up for their Big Day?

To all the beautiful Brides out there, always have a smile that reflects your beauty to make you look more beautiful!

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