Look Your Best Amidst The Music!

Look Your Best Amidst The Music!

A bride's sangeet is the ultimate farewell function. Her friends and family put up a show. From her childhood best friend to her grandmother, they all sing and dance to item numbers and sentimental tunes. On a day filled with such unforgettable memories, you should look unforgettable as well. We solve your sangeet outfit in five steps.


Avoid flow-y: When you are dancing to your tunes and sharing your last party as a single woman with your family, it is not the time for you to be looking after your sari's fall or your salwaar's dupatta. So instead, opt for a lehenga that ends just above your ankle and a snug choli. Or a heavily embroidered dress if you're okay with adding a little western touch to your outfit. Also, make sure you try out dancing with your dress on so that you get used to it! It's your special occasion and all your family and friends are going to put up a show for you.


Wedge it right: Your family and friends are most likely to put up a show for you. You'll want to put your best foot forward and join in with them. You can't do that when you're wearing heels. So brides are often given two choices, either to wear a pair of flip-flops or dance bare feet. If you can't do bare feet (You mustn't) then get a jewelled pair of classy flip-flops which are easily available at stores like Marks and Spencer's and Forever New. Or a wedge heel but that is only recommended if you're a person who is used to wearing heels regularly, otherwise you'll find it to be cumbersome task to dance with even wedge heels. sangeet Save the Wow: Keep your make-up simple, go for bright colours like a bold red or bright pink lipstick, depending on your skin tone. Sangeet is a festive occasion so colour is a must. A good base, with blush, elaborate eyeliner and mascara should do you good. You could also try some eye-shadow, however avoid golden and silver. Save the glitter for the wedding day, if you get all decked up at the previous events then you'll lose the wow factor of being the bride.

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Let your hair loose: Leaving your hair open for this function is your best bet. Mainly because all the dancing will set your hair lose if you try a bun or an elaborate hairstyle. So to be on the safe side, go for soft curls if you want to put in the extra effort or iron your hair. This will make sure that your hairstyle stays presentable no matter how much you sweat it out on the dance floor. Another good option is to go for a fish braid plait or something similar.

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Diamonds are your best friend: There is bound be a lot of shaking and moving, and if you plan on wearing dangling earrings and three chains of gold, then we might have a problem. You're the bride, the guest of honour and you need to stand out. So instead of going for dangling long earrings, go for heavy stud earring, with a wide base around your earlobe and a few pearl like drops dangling down. The trick is to make sure that the earrings aren't too heavy since you can't take them off halfway through your own Sangeet. Same goes for your bangles and necklace. Instead of wearing heavy gold, pick diamonds, emeralds or even rubies, gems in general are lighter. So when a string of this minus the heavy gold incrustation is worn, maybe with platinum or silver, it is considerably lighter and easier to manage. However, if you are a firm believer in gold, choose designs which wouldn't stand in the way of your fun.

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