Pictures of Brides In Their Most Happiest Selves (Touch Wood)

Pictures of Brides In Their Most Happiest Selves (Touch Wood)

Isn’t it always a delight to watch a woman laugh and smile her heart out? Well what if it’s a bride? The joy is ten times folded, right? Brides no matter what they wear always hold a special charm and an inevitable glow onlooking their big day. It is not always that they get to live moments like those, being the limelight of the whole place, right? With one such delightful collection of pictures, we at Shopzters would want to share the best of brides who adore themselves with their smiles and laughter, wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

This bride is dressed in her very traditional self but had let her heart out to enjoy her big day.

Pic Courtesy -  Rakesh Prakash 

This bride has the honour of wearing and being a part of her groom’s sexy avatar. How cool is that?

Pic Courtesy -  Studio 31 

This bride here looks like she is having the time of her life, being pulled over by her people, she seems all smiles and laughter.

Pic Courtesy -  Studio A 

This picture on the other hand, involves the people of the bride’s family trying to lift her up while she seems to be having one hell of a time.

Pic Courtesy -  Studio A 

This bride looks like she is a sport. A sporty personality who is just about to kick her big day in style.

Pic Courtesy -  Mystic Studios 

In this picture, let’s not brag but the bride it too over-whelmed to be wed as his wife. May be?

Pic Courtesy -  Studio A 

With the most widest laughter and joy, this bride looks like she is about to open her can of enjoyment and merriment.

Pic Courtesy -  zero gravity 

While this bride opens her mouth really wide to show the world how happy she is, why not wish her for nothing but the best?

Pic Courtesy -  The Memory Writers 

The bride who is amused and amazed at what is happening in her life right now. Oh yes. That’s a bounty.

Pic Courtesy -  Duet photography 

This picture melts our hearts. It looks like there has been a time when she played like this when she was a little girl and is yet again re-living those moments.

Pic Courtesy -  84mm Studio 

This one will make your cheeks go numb. The way she blushes looking at her husband. Ah! We feel content.

Pic Courtesy -  Vipin 

Hands down, this bride and her smile makes us all fall in love with her moment of joy and merriment.

Pic Courtesy -  Studio 31